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Edf 334 Test 5


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1 hour
in play years you need at least ___ continuous _____ of activity
2 and 5, lots of vocabulary exposure
catching all kinds of words between ages ______ so give
allows singular focus, movement, and choices with boundaries
play years
weight lifting, contact sports, and baseball are bad activities for kids in this stage
descriptive research
reptitive observation and recording
expose variables through ___ and kids will have a better understanding of theory later
organized, flexible
activities need to be _______ but __________
main idea
always discuss the ___ ____ first and get focus
play years
don't have kinesthesia in this stage
play years
in this stage when they play tag they are not going to freeze
play years
in this stage because of centration to get the kid's thinking shifted you have to shirt the perception of it
school years
in this stage the book you're reading needs to have some concrete base
play years
when planning in this stage you need to keep a singular focus
play years
bodies transport oxygen to heart and lungs almost like adults (very quick) in this stage
play years
in this stage they don't logically put stuff together, but if it is a fact then they can remember it
ask questions before you read
for comprehension you need to
helps with mastery v. inferioirity
play years
in this stage they will be running, all the sudden stop and look around, and then suddenly take off again
play years
woman had 10,000 cards around her house that her children would learn the facts of and be able to recall what stage is this
modeling and play
methods of learning in the play years are
school years
in this stage label your environment to help students learn new vocabulary
autonomy v. doubt
erikson stage from ages 2 to 3
reversability is not fully developed until age
these are NOT concrete
know addition and subraction are the same thing at age
your ability to ready your body and hear what it is saying to you
play years
will have red face after running, but will be dry in this stage
school years
in this stage have interest cards and give choices based on interests
school years
field trips are good in this stage
life science, for the study of humans observe
play years
if you don't put big movements with lots of activity you will have behavior problems
field trips
help students by giving them hands on experience
play years
in this stage it is good if they play in groups
play years
love aerobic exercises in this stage
play years
kids in this stage will get hot after about 15 minutes and want to go inside
give them a water break
when kids get hot and want to go inside, what should you do?
_______ need to demonstrate the variables in science
play years
fast mapping occurs at this stage
school years
in this stage it is appropriate to allow students to generate their own spelling lists (partly)
choices with boundaries
the key to autonomy v. doubt and intiative v. guilt is
play years
hockey, soccer, simming, birke, dance, and tag are good activities for kids in the
fast mapping is quick but not
field trip
you need to have a knowledge base, focus, and reflection for a
area, time
you need to have enough _____ and _____ for the activities
play years
have less active sweat glands and don't sweat as much or as quickly in this stage
play years
have softer bones and growth plates at th eend of the bones susceptible to stress or insult at this age
2 hours
in play years you need at least ______ of activity each day
play years
in this stage they cannot sustain lots of movement constantly
play years
large muscles are growing in this stage so they need big movements
play years
kids in this stage think illogically
idea is dominated by the way it looks and that's the way it is
initiative v. guilt
erikson stage from 4 to 5

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