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chapter 5 vocab


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andrew carnegie
captain of industry. leader of american steel industry and gave money to educational instituations
gilded age
time period where buisnesses grew larger and corporate leaders got hufe fortunes
james armstrong custer
general that lead attack on larger forces of sioux and then got killed at little big horn
battle of little big horn
100s of calvary overwhelmed the seventh clavary. broke into smaller groups to begin buffalo hunt. custer and his men defeated by the sioux
social darwinism
charles darwins theory of evolution to human society for natural selection to explain how others prosper and others fail
use of ideas and policies appeal to the people by setting up dichtonomy between the people and elite. group of farmers, labor leaders, and reformers
jane addams
founded most famous settlement house(where volunteers offered immigrants services) in chicago
the dawes act
made reservations and gave bad land to indians for them to learn the american culture
economic system. buisnesses privatly owned under laissez-faire w/o govt. interference
gold standard
economy by gold that lowered inflation and helps our country achieve economic prosperity because silver and gold constinatly influctiating
thomas edison
invented lightbulb and organized research and established buisness for manufactured inventions
george pullman
developed railroad sleeping car and a big buisness with it. operated company town
the sherman antitrust act
signed into law that discouraged trusts, understood as large industrial combinations
gohst dance
ritual dance by plains indians to hasten the end of the world, disappearance of whites, revitilization of former cutures, and hunting grounds back
john d. rockefeller
to increase profits, used vertical integration and horizantal to take over refineries. gave away alot of money for colleges
sitting bull
sioux chief, warrior, medicine man, and political leader who wass sick of being confined to reservations-led peoplefrom different tribes in battle of little big horn
homestead movement
law passed by congress to encourage settlment in the wesst by giving land to small farmers
chief joseph
the leader of the Nez Perce tribe that killed white settlers on the way to reservations because they were mad at govt. for taking their land
social gospel
idea that religious faith should be expressed through good works
let things alone. no govt. interference in buisnesses
wounded knee massacre
the US army killing of approximate 150 sioux at wounded knee creek in south dakota, ended the US indian wars on the pains
vertical integration
method entrepenours used to increase profits. take over companies that would help their own suceed

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