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Litterary Terms


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A type of clender that is used to keep track of useful information. The Poor Richards Almanac was published for 25 years
Logical Emotional and ethical appeal
Logical- Reason, facts, to support a statement. Emotional- certain word or examples that grabs audeinces sttention. Ethical- Gains audience's trust by showing knowledge responsibility and senserity
Truth is sought through spiritual intuition
Autobiography: First person point of view
Presents the writers life as a continuous narrative, a short story.
Order of Importance
Use it to organize supporting reasons, facts, and, details.
The feelings and attitudes suggested in the word. Powerful tool in persuaive writting
A breif statement that expresses some truth about life in terse easily remembered fom. Biblical.
Argument by Analogy
Comparing two similar situations rsembiling an out come.
A short statement about death or a dead person, something in verse and usually carved on a tomb stone.
An argument that announcs a subject, explains and illistrates the subject and ends by summarizing the subject and draws a conclusion.
Refrence made for the sake of comparison. Don't fully describe what they refer to, they hint at it. EX.The Big Goldenship
The process of filtering out unnecceary information and focusing more on relevent info.
Treating or describing an object as if it were human
Something comparing two things with "like" or "as"
Repition of phrases or sentences that are simillar in meaning or structure in essays
Rhetorical Question
A Question in which the answer is obvious. Ex- Is that a rhetorical question?
Same as proverbs but not biblical
Postion Statement. (preposition)
In a purssasive essay it is the writters oppinion on as issue. ( "Obamas better")
Aphoristic Style
Composing some sentences with extra care uing liteary devices found in poetry.
When something is said more than once to add emhasis. " Dance everybody dance"

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