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Whom did Artemis turn into a stag for spying on her?
Who were punished in the Underworld for killing their husbands?
Who was the father of Achilles?
Who killed Patroclus?
What god was forced to work for the motal Admentus for one year?
Where did the Greeks assemble to sail for Troy?
Who came as an uninvited guest to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis?
Eris, Goddess of discord
What god is sometimes said to be the father of Theseus?
What mountain imprisoned both Typhoeus and Enceladus?
Mt. Aetna
The Myrmidons were originally
What family spirits punished the offenders of blood kin?
The Erinyes (Furies)
What group was comprised of Arges, Brontes, and Steropes?
Who killed the Cretan Bull?
To what Colchian princess did Aegeus promise asylum?
What king refused to turn Daedalus over to Minos?
What flower sprang fom the blood of Adonis?
Which king of Argos led the Seven Against Thebes?
What animals drew the chariot of Cybele?
The island Oenone was renamed Aegina by Aeacus after his
What Libyan king wished to marry Dido?
Lycomedes, the king of Scyros, is found in the stories of:
A) Theseus and Achilles
B) Achilles and Jason
C) Jason and Herakles
D) Herakles and Theseus
A) Theseus and Achilles
What beast did Herakles trap in the snow?
Erymanthian Boar
Diomedes joined Odysseus in all of the following escapades EXCEPT
A) finding Achilles and persuading him to go to Troy.
B) bringing Philoctetes to Troy.
C) stealing the Palladium.
D) Capturing and killing the Trojan spy Dolon.
A) Finding Achilles and bringing him to Troy.
Which of the following does NOT belong?
A) Moerae
B) Fatae
C) Parcae
D) Furiae
D) Furiae
How was Icarius related to Odysseus?
He was his Father-in-Law
What group of sisters turned into poplar trees after the death of their brother?
To whom was Jason entrusted at birth?
According to Hesiod, Eros was not the son of Aphrodite, but of whom?
Who mortally wounded Paris with an arrow?
How was Amulius related to Rhea Silvia?
The bard Thamyris boasted of his singing and was subsequently defeated in a contest by _____ who blinded him.
Electra was a popular name in Greek mythology and is identified with all of the following EXCEPT
A)The daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
B) one of the Pleiades.
C) a member of the Theban royal house
D) the mother of the harpies
a member of the Theban royal house
Whom did the musician Orpeus hope to rescue by descending into the Underworld?
How did Eurydice Die?
Succumbed to a snake bite after her wedding.
Among other things, Hermes was the guide of the dead, what name was he referred to by, when he did this job?
Hermes Psychopompus
Among many other things, Apollo became known as god of mice, what was this form of Apollo called?
Apollo had a son, who was well versed in the healing arts, what was his name.
What group of women, enraged by drink and wine, tore Orpheus into pieces?
Maenads, or the Bacchae
What supported the island of Delos when it accepted Leto onto its soil?
4 pillars
How many labors did Herakles originally have to complete?
11, but he had to do 1 more because of the help he had with the Hydra.
Who assissted Herakles in defeating the Hydra?
By what method did Herakles kill the Nemean Lion?
Stranggled it.
In which labor did Herakles have to trap something in the snow?
Erymanthian Boar
Herakles's 12 labors (in order)
Nemean Lion, Lernian Hydra, the Hide of Ceryneia, The Erymanthian Boar, The Augean Stables, the Stymphalian Birds, The Cretan Bull, The Horses of Diomedes, The Girdle of Hippolyta, Geryon's Cattle, The Apples of the Hesperides, and The Cerberus
Who taught Herakles to drive a charriot?
Who taught Herakles to wrestle?
A famous theif, Autolycus
Who taught Herakles to Fence?
Prince Castor of Sparta
Who taught Herakles Archery?
Prince Eurytus of Oechalia
Who tried, and failed to an extent, to teach Herakles music?
Linus (poor Linus... Don't hit a dimwitted demigod of strength nextime...)
How many of Thespius's Daughters did Herakles lay with?
49 (of the 50 Some accounts say in one night)
On whose death did Herakles have to serve Eurystheus?
Megaera and thier children.
Whom did Herakles wed after his death (after becoming immmortal)?
*Bonus* How did this affect Hera?
*Hera stopped hating him as much because he was really part of her family now*
Who was given Herakles's bow and arrows for lighting his funeral pyre?
Other than Eurystheus, who else did Herakles serve?
What did Herakles have to serve Omphale?
he had killed Iphitus
What did Herakles give to Sterope to win over her father's trust?
A lock of Medusa's Hair to protect their town of Tegea from attack
Who was Sterope's father, in relation to the myth with Herakles?
How many times did Herakles go to the underworld, why?
Two times, once to get Alcestis, the second to get Cerberus
Where was Athena born?
River Triton
How was Prometheus punished for giving fire to man?
Being chained to a rock to have his liver pecked out over and over again.
Who were the two people said to be the father of Odysseus?
Laertes and Sisyphus
Who stole cattle from Sisyphus?
What gift was given to Autolycus, to make him a better theif? Who gave it to him?
Shapeshifting, given to him by Hermes
How did Sisyphus catch the theif who stole his cattle?
By engraving "SS" or "stolen from Sisyphus", in the hooves and noting the markings on the hoove tracks.
Who gave Midas the Golden Touch?
Whos temple was opened to signify war?
What festival was held in honor of Demeter?
Eleusinian Mysteries
Who were the parents of Electryon?
Perseus and Andromeda
What was the other name for Dido, the queen of Carthage?
What is the Roman name for the twelve great god of the Greeks?
Dii or Di
What wood nymph, who changed into a stream, was sough after by the river god, Alpheus?
Which son of ODysseus and Circe changed into a heron?
Who was the daughter of Ceres/Demeter who was abducted by Pluto/Hades?
Which son of Perseus and Andromeda, gave his name to the Persians, and became heralded by them?
What is the name of the winged cap of Hermes?
Petasus or Petasos
What island did Theseus leave Ariadne on, and where Dionysus later found her?
What was special about the Nemean Lion?
He had skin that could not be hurt by weapons.
Dis was the name of Pluto when he is refered to as the God of what?
Who were the Dioscuri and give another name for the group?
Castor and Pollux, Gemini
What constellation was Callisto turned into?
Ursa Major
Who was turned into the constellation, Ursa Minor?
Arcas, son of Callisto by Zeus
Who were the parents of Semele?
Cadmus and Harmonia
Name the Spartoi. Who were they?
Cthonius, Udaeus, Hyperenor, Pelorus, and Echion
What did Jason have to sail through to get to the golden fleece?
The Bosporus or the Hellesponte
What country did Jason have to sail to for the Golden fleece?
Why was the Hellesponte named so?
Helle fell off the flying golden ram and into the Hellesponte, giving it her name
Who was the brother of Helle?
Who are the nine Muses?
Erato, Clio, Calliope, Urania, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Euterpe, and Melpomene
Who was the muse of Astronomy?
Who was the muse of History?
Who was the muse of Epic Poetry?
Who was the muse of sacred hymns?
Who was the muse of Lyric Poetry, and was seen playing a flute?
Who was the muse of Love poetry, sometimes Lyric?
Who was the muse of Tragedy?
Who was the muse of Comedy?
Who was the muse of Dance?
Who gave Paris a mortal wound, which finally killed him?
Which of the deities was referred to as Grey-Eyed?
What giants were said to have 100 hands?
What were the names of the Hecantonchires?
Briareus, the Vigorous
Cottus, the Furious
and Gyges, the big-limbed
Who gaurded over the crossroads?
Name the 5 rivers of the underworld.
Lethe, River of Forgetfullness;
Styx, River of Unbreakable Promise;
Acheron, The River of Woe;
Cocytus, The River of Lamentation;
and Phlegethon, The River of Fire

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