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what is jazz
american music characterized by improvosation, syncopated rhythms, and contrapuntal ensemble playing
- 20th century
-jazzed her="screwed her; something forbidden"
had censorship, banned complicated rhythms/ beats fearing loss of control of people
*music has direct access to the soul
*irrational music should be banned
jazz born in America, and was based on
african american experience; white melodies
who said "Rhythm of life is jazz rhythm" ?
Lanston Hughes
this person thought that jazz was not music...
Daniel Gregory Mason
What are the blues? where do they originate? give ex of famous blues singer.
form of jazz confronting hard facts of life.
-new orleans
-Bessie Smith
this blues sold over 1 million albums
Livery Stable Blues
*1st time brought to American public
what was the great migration?
african americans go from south to north to find jobs.
- Chicago became new center of jazz
Henry Ford attacked jazz in what way?
started folk dance crusade (sponsored public schools to do it)
what is the devils dance dance?
the mix of races (socializing)
Harlem Renaissance in NYC.
who was W. E.B. Divoce?
negro upperclass against jazz
Langston Hughes...
- emerged in Harlem Renaissance
Paul Whitman (white) supports jazz...
most popular jazz band leader (george gershwin)
Winold Weiss
painted "portrait of Langston Hughes"
-backround modern
-still facing racial mountain
Aaron Douglas
painted abstract "Harriet Tubman"
-conquored racial mountain
shows... (out of slavery, industrialized-freedom-North)
painting "Aspects of Negro Life; Song of the Towers"...describe
- white hands luring the black man back
- "wheel", step forward toward industrialization
painting, "Rise Light for they light has come?"... describe
women looking up with mouths open... singing motes below her
"black and Tan"
racial mix club
what is the "new Negro"
cosmopolitan, wealthy, reads poetry, knows art
Contee cullens poem"yet do I marvel" is a ...
... sonnet which employs avery traditional form, and which conveys the narrators painful situation of being a black poet
Countee Cullens poem "Heritage"...
expresses his sense of being cut off his ethnic roots back in Africa
Langston Hughes points out...
... african american artists who say that they want to be artists, no black artists, may suffer from a sense of racial inferiority which compels that to want to be like whites
history is important Schromberg, Hughes, and Douglas bc...
it provides examples of strength and power for the present, and give a sense of racial pride
muscian, journalist, novelist "a dream deffered", "raisen in the Sun", "Black like me"
Langston Hughes
how does Armstrong's Westend Blues demonstrate elements of Jazz?
consistent melody, harmonic, syncopated, improvosation
what are the subject, technique, and content of Hughes "the Nergro Speaks of Rivers?"
nile river part of African heritage\
-lyrical quality
-connection and heritage through river
what were Cullen's Works? (3)
"yet do i marvel"
what were Hughes works? (5)
"Dream Variations"
"I, Too sing America"
"The negro speaks of Rivers"
"the weary blues"
Louis Armstrong and the Savoy Ballroom Five had as a work...
Ellington had a work called...
Weibold Reiss had...
the portrait of Langston Hughes
Aaron Douglas painted the...
Harriet Tubman (rising with the slaves...)
Schuyler work was...
Hughes had...
Schromberg had...
"The Negro digs up his past"
who was Aaron Douglas, and what was his artistic training?
Artist, Bachelor in Fine Arts, at the University of Kansas
Mural= reflection of black history, what was the mural at Bennett college (black womens college) like?
Harriet Tubman, Spirits Rising
what is an essay?
non personal
informal essay?
personal, portrays personal thought supported by non personal fact
what points does Schuyler make in his essay, "the Negro Art Hokum?"
- black artists equally diverse as white artists
-to expect uniform style or subject matter was as insulting as the stereotypes that were being rejected
Harlem Renaissance=...
New Negro Movement
what does schromberg think about history being written?
dig up past and find true place in life; should be scientific, not propoganda

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