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PSU: Theatre Ch. 10

Final flashcards review for Theatre 100 (Penn State)


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In a musical, the sung words of a song
A theatre style that attempts to expose life through the lens of the author of the protagonist as he experiences it, frequently through dream and nightmare imagery. it is especially anti-industrial, anti-military, and anti-urban
European Artisan movement that began after WWI that portrayed the meaningless of life and influenced poetry, paintings, and theatre
A theatre movement that attempts to capture the ineffable, mystical, and subconscious on stage through poetry, repeated imagery, and avoidance of plot and action-oriented structures
Rock Musical
A musical that encompasses rock and roll music
A form of theatre that highlights song and dance integrated with the spoken text
The process of taking a play beyond reality through distortion, exaggeration, or some other stretch of convention
A post WWI movement that views the world as a godless, senseless place where human beings live in a meaningless void
Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein
20th century American musical composers whose pioneering works did much to illuminate relations between U.S. and Asian cultures.
Concept Musical
A musical, often structure episodically, that is contrasted round an idea, motif, or even place, rather than telling one chronological story
A movement of art beginning in early 20th century Italy that glorifies the age of mechanization and the energy of the Industrial Age
A theatre style, also known as epic or Brechtian theatre, that attemps to lead the audience into an intellectual rather than an emotional response
Musical Comedy
A form of musical theatre that has a light hearted, rapid moving comic story and is integrated with popular music
Book Musical
A musical in which the story is told through words and song
Bertolt Brecht
(1898-1956) German playwright who embraced Didacticism, breaking traditional stage illusions in attempt to keep the audience aware of the play's message

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