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Introduction to Greek Tragedy


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The festival
-3 tragic poets were chosen to preesent their plays by a magistrate called in archon
-Thispis:a wondering bard is considered the 1st actor he recited poetry as if he were the characters whose lines he was reading. From his name we get the the wrod thesbian.
-the chorus was a group of actores who would sing and dance choral songs in between episods they also engaged in dialogue with the actors
-Woman were not alloud to take part in dramamtic productions so male actors had to play female roles, Wore masks. ac
-actors who played gods would use a machine, the mechane to "fly" in , The latin phrase deus ex machina (" the god from the machine") refers to the appearance of teh gods by means of mechane traagedy. In modern literature, the term deus ex machine is used insultingly about a character that comes in at the end of the story and improbably resolvlces the conflicht
-the 3 great greek tragedians are aeschules, Sophecles, and Euripides.
-Origionally, Tragedies would only have one actor, but in the 5th century 3 actors were present: sopheclese is said to have introduced the 3rd character.
-The largest anthenian celebration was called "city dionysic" and featured competition in music singing dancing adnd poety
-wealthy citizens would sponsor plays by a tax called the coregia
Tragedy refers to tragic drama preformed by actors in which a central character called a tragic hero suffers serious mistfortunes that is logically connected with the heros actions.
-Earliest Orgins on drama were ancient hymns sung in honor of the god of wine, Dionysius, These humns were adapted for choral processes
-Drama then evolved from religious festivals in honor of dionysus
The Plays
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-1st actor=Protagonist, 2nd+deuteragonisht, 3rd= Tritagonish
-Because most plays had more than 3 characters, all 3 actors played multiple rules and used masks to conceal this fact

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