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Psych concepts Ch 17 Social Cognition


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In the movie Billy Madison, when Adam Sandler's character (27-year old "Billy Madison") yelled "I'm the smartest man alive!" after beating a 2nd grader in a spelling bee, he was probably feeling good about himself because he was engag
downward social comparison
Jane is a blue belt in Karate. She wants to be really good so she always compares herself to the black belts to motivate her to do better.
upward social comparison
Jake is an undergraduate student at a major university. He compares himself to other students, and not models in a magazine.
reference groups
Maya's friends in high school were all from middle class families, but now her roommate and many friends at the U of I are fomr upper class families. Although Maya has enough money to live in her own apartment and go out once in a while, she feels poor b
relative deprivation
Jackie says she is President of her Christian sorority, Elogeme.
social identity
" I am a hard worker," is an example of what idenity?
personal identity
Carrie failed to make the basketball team. Carrie thought that this meant that this meant that she was a failure in all aspects of life. Carrie probably has waht type of self schema?
unified self-schema
Leslie failed to make the vollyball team. She concluded that she was obviously a losy vollyball player, but this doesnt mean that she lacked skills and talens in other areas of her like. Leslie probably has what type of self-schema?
differentiated self-schema
John is terribly worried that his girlfriend, Care, is cheating on him. He repeatedly accuses her of planning to leave him and constantly spies on her. Eventually Care (who has been faithful up until this point) grows weary of John's behavior and she sta
self-fulling prophecy
Your classmate failed to bring you the notes on thursday and you think it was due to lack of consideration or laziness. WHich attribution is this?
internal attributions
Grace has noticed that her roommate, Lori, is always polite and helpful. One night , however, Grace hears Lori yelling at someone over the telephone. Grace concludes that the person on the other end of the phone must have done something terrible. Grace h
external attribution; distinctiveness
who proposed an influential theory of how people make attributions about the actions of other people.
Kelley's Attribution Theory
Your father ignores Ralph. Everyone ignores Ralph. Ralph must be ignoring.
HIGH consensus- would be that everyone thinks the same way about the person.
Low consensus- would be that only one or very little people think that way about a person so its probably not true what they say.
YOur father always invites Ralph to dinner on THursday but this Thursday he decided he did not want him there.
Low Consistency- suggest that your father's behavior is attributal to external causes, such as Ralph hasnt showered in weeks because he's doing a protest against drugs.
High consistency- Your father is always hostile towards Ralph
Your father is nasty to all your friends.
low Distinctiveness- Your father is nasty to everyone so him being nasty to Ralph(your friend) is nothing new.
High distinctiveness-If your dad gets along with everyone except Ralph, your going to think of well whats wrong with Ralph then...he smells?
WHile at Crobar Nightclub, Sadie asks an attractive man to dance. After he says "No," Sadie's friends tell her that the man is an insensitive jerk. However, her friends do not relaize that the man would not dance Sadie because he has a girlfrie
Fundamental attribution error
Members of an outgroup receive little credit for their postive actions, and members of the in-group get little blame for their negative actions.
Ultimate Attribution error
Jerry noticed that whenever his company wins a big account with a new client, each person claims responsibility for the success. However when a client decides to take its business elsewhere, everyone denies responsibility for the problems that precipitat
Self-serving bias
WHen John failed to stop sign, he attributed his behavior to the sun in his eyes and poor placement of the sign. When someone else runs to a stop sign, however, John thinks they did so because of careleness or lack of attention.
actor- observer bias
Derk's friends tell him to put his name in the pot to win 100,000, but Derk refuses to because he thinks something that winning that amount of money will never happen to him
unrealistic optimism

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