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Battle of the Books - Harriet the Spy


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What was Ole Golly fond of doing when asked a question?
Answering with a quote.
How did Sport know they were near the ocean?
They could smell it, the salt. They could feel the spray blow across their faces.
What were the kids making at Rachel's house?
A Spy Catcher club house.
What did Harriet do on the first day of school while waiting for school to start?
Took notes on all the kids and how they had changed over the summer.
Why did Harriet decide to change her spy route and visit the Robinson's first one day?
She had seen a large crate delivered to their home and wanted to see what was in it.
What were the stops on Harriet's spy route?
Mrs. Plumbers house, Dei Santis' grocery, The Robinson's and Harrison Withers' house.
How does Mrs. Welsch find out about the notebook incident?
Dr. Andrews told her about it.
Why wouldn't Sport be able to attend the Gregory School after this year?
Only girls could attend the Gregory School after sixth grade.
What was in the Robinson's crate?
An enormous carved baby holding a tiny mother.
What was Harriets spy uniform?
An old pair of blue jeans, and old dark blue sweatshirt with a hood, an old pair of blue sneakers with holes over her little toes. Black rimmed spectacles with no lenses.
What happened at school to make Harriet have to go home early?
Rachel Hennessey spilled ink all over her.
How long had Harriet known Ole Golly?
Since she was born.
What did Ole Golly tell Harriet she must do?
She must apologize to her friends for what she wrote in her notebook and she must lie.
What was the name of Harriet's school?
The Gregory School.
Harriet had a bad dream and knew something terrible was going to happen. What did happen?
The kids at school found her notebook and read it aloud.
What did Harriet do every night when she was suppose to be sleeping?
Got her flashlight and a book and read under the covers.
What did the 6th grade decide to do for the Christmas pageant?
They decided to be Christmas dinner.
What does Sports father do?
He is a writer
When Harriet stopped doing her school work what did her mother do about it?
She took Harriet's notebook away from her.
What was Harriets nurses name?
Ole Golly
What did Mr. Waldenstein do for a living?
He was a delivery man.
What snack did Harriet have everyday at 3:40pm?
Cake and milk.
How did Mr Waldenstein and Ole Golly get to the movies?
On his delivery bike.
What did Sport want to be when he grew up?
A ball player
What does the M in Harriet M. Welsch stand for?
Nothing - Harriet put the M in herself.
What did Harriet want to be when she grew up?
A writer
Why did Ole Golly leave Harriet?
Mr. Waldenstein proposed to her and she accepted.
Who was Harriet's best friend besides Sport?
Janie Gibbs
Was Sport glad to see Harriet when she showed up at his house?
What expression did Harriet see on Ole Golly's face for the first time at her mother's house?
What was the name of the doctor Mr. and Mrs. Welsh sent Harriet to talk to?
Dr. Wagner
How did they get to Far Rockaway?
On the subway
Who is the author of Harriet the Spy?
Louise Fitzhugh
What game is Harriet teaching Sport to play?
When Harriet's went to Sports house to see if they were still friends there was a celebration going on. Why were Sport and his father celebrating?
Mr. Rocque had sold his book.
Who did Ole Golly take the children to meet?
Her mother, Mrs. Golly.
After 3 years of spying where did Harriet finally get caught?
In Mrs. Plumber's dumbwaiter.
What does Sport keep in his notebooks?
The finances.
What had changed when Harriet returned to school?
Harriet was chosen editor of the sixth grade page of the school newspaper.
What did Harriet think Mrs Golly looked like?
Dough about to be made into a big round Italian loaf.
Who was Mr. Waldenstein?
Ole Golly's boyfriend.
What did Janie and Harriets mothers think the girls should do?
Take dance lessons.
What finally caused things to return to normal?
Harriet printed a retraction in the school newspaper apologizing for what she had written in her notebook and saying that none of it was true.
How old are Sport and Harriet and what grade are they in?
They are 11 years old in the sixth grade.
What kind of reception did Harriet get at Janie's house?
Janie was angry and unfriendly. She blamed Harriet for making her spill her test tube and ruining the floor.
Where did Harriet live?
East Eighty-seventh Street in Manhattan
What was delivered to the Welsh house one morning?
A special delivery letter from Ole Golly to Harriet.
What were Harriet's spy tools?
A flashlight, a leather pouch for her notebook, a leather case for extra pens, a water canteen, a boy scout knife.
What does Harriets father do for a living?
He works in television
What does Sport do for his father and why?
He cooks and cleans because his mother went away.
What kind of notes did Harriet take on Mrs. Gully?
She was fat and dumb. She wouldn't want to live like Mrs. Golly but she would like to know what went on inside her head.
What did Janie want to be someday?
A scientist
What was Sports real name?
Simon Rocque (pronounced Rock)
How many notebooks does she have?
How long has Harriet been writting?
Since she was 8 years old.
Where was Ole Golly taking Sport and Harriet?
To Far Rockaway.
Describe Ole Golly's appearance.
Not the best lokking face in the world. Frowning, sharp dark lines and very tall.
Why was Harriets notebook so important to her?
She writes everything in it and never goes anywhere without it.
What did Mrs. Golly's house look like?
It had one bed, one table, four chairs and a bathtub in the kitchen.
What did Ole Golly say to change Harriet's mind about dance school?
That spy's needed to learn to dance too.
What had Harriet taken for lunch everyday for five years?
A tomato sandwich.

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