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Background of Antigone


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Area at the base of the theater was called?
-Place where the chorus changed and danced and actors performed.
-No raised stage like Romans
How where the voices of actors amplified?
By wearing large masks.
What did the actors wore?
Oversized, well-padded costumes and boots with raised soles.
Behind the orchestra was a painted wall called?
- Hence scenery.
- actors enetered and exited there.
What were the theaters built on?
Hillsides with inward slope
-Semicircle or ampitheater
-Seats of Earth, stone, or wood in rows.
Sophocles first competed at what age and in what category?
27. Tragedy category.
Who did he defeat?
The famous Aeschylus.
When and where was he born?
(496- 406 B.C.)
At Colonius
What kind of family and education did he have?
Wealthy family.
- His traditional education was of music, dance, gymnastics.
Describe how he was and what was he skilled at?
He was graceful and handsome.
Skilled at music and drama.
How was he active in public life?
-He was general twice.
How many tragedies did he wrote and how many remain today?
-He wrote over 120 tragedies but only 7 remain.
What was he great at understanding?
-Human grief and suffering.
What were plays written for?
What was in the orchestra?
-For performance at festivals to honor the God Dionysis.
-An altar.
What were the festivals like?
-Festivals lasted over many days.
-Competitions were held for prizes and awards.
Where and what time of day was Antigone performed?
-Presented in stadium theater in daylight.
Describe the chorus.
(how may men,spokesman, and their job?)
-15 men.
-One spokesman(leader) called the Choragos.
-Chorus reacted to events and interpreted meaning in chanted poems or odes.
Why were Greeks serious about theater?
-Because it was like a religious ritual.
Who acted in the plays?
Only men actors.
Actors and chanting chorus were like a what?
-Like a stately Ritual.
Mythical story of what?
-Of the ill fated, Royal house of Thebes.
What were the 3 plays based on this tragedy?
-Oedipus the king
-Oedipus at Colonius
Laios and
-Laios was the grandson of Thebes founder
-King and father of Oedipus
-His Queen and mother of Oedipus
What did Oracle proclaim about Laios?
-That he will be slain by his son.
What does Laios decide to do about the proclamation?
-He binds the feet of his son and leaves him on a mountain?
Who finds him and what does he name him?
-Found by shepherds of King Polybus of Corinth and he adopts him and names him Oedipus.
-Raised by Polybus as his son/heir.
What does Oedipus mean?
-Swollen foot.
What does Oracle tell Oedipus?
-That he will kill his father and marry his mother.
What does he decide to do about that?
-Attempts to avoid his fate and leaves Corinth.
Who does he meet and what does he do to him?
He meets a stranger (father) and argues with him and kills him.
What appears at Thebes?
-A sphinx.
-It is a winged monster with the body of a lion and the face of woman.
What does Sphinx do to travelers?
-Travelers who can't answer the riddle are thrown to the sea.
Who answers the riddle?
-Oedipus answers the riddle and is welcomed as a savior by the Theban people.
Who does he become and who does he marry?
-He becomes king and they give him his mother for a wife.
How many children do they have?
-They have 4 children.
-2 girls, Antigone and Ismene.
-2 boys, Eteocles and Polyneices.
What strikes the city?
Who does Oedipus send to talk to the Oracle regarding the cause of the plague?
-He sends his mother's brother, Creon.
What does the Oracle say?
-He says that the reason there is a plague is because Thebe is unclean because Laios' murder lives there.
What does Oedipus decide to do?
-Oedipus promises to find the murderer.
Who is Teiresias and what does he tell Oedipus?
-He is a prophet and he advises him against finding himself. Oedipus finds the truth.
What does Iocaste do when she finds out that she married her son?
-She commits suicide.
What does Oedipus do and what does he ask?
-He blinds himself and asks to be exiled.
What does Creon say to this?
-He says that he must stay until the Gods' wills are revealed.
What does Creon and the Elders do?
What do his sons do?
-They exile Oedipus.
-His sons do nothing to help him stay.
What does Oedipus do after the exiled?
-He wanders as a beggar with his daughters.
Where does he die and what happens to his daughters?
-He dies in Colonius and his daughters return to Thebes.
Who rules after Oedipus dies?
-Creon rules until Oedipus' sons want the throne.
Who does Creon choose?
-He chooses Eteocles and Polyneices is exiled.
What does Polyneices do about this?
-He storms Thebes with argives troops and the brothers kill each other.
Who does Creon burry?
Who does Antigone burry?
-He buries Eteocles but not Polyneices.
-Polyneices without the consent of Creon.

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