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xDachille: Southeast Asia religion (Hinduism)


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Religion of 80% Indian population.
Human soul.
Part of Mahabharata, teaches that one must follow his dharma; and soul never dies.

“Song of the Lord”
God of Creation

4 heads show intelligence & represent 4 quarters of earth.
Brahman (Absolute)
Totality of all existence, including all human souls (atman).

Humans can only be directed to Brahman by other gods.
Caste system
Hereditary class system.

Common to all Hindus.
Restricts occupations.
Sacred symbol of motherhood & fruitfulness.

Common to all Hindus.
Deities (gods)
Polytheistic w/ elements of monotheism.
Sacred duty or moral behavior specific to one’s caste.
Earthly Desires
Earthly desires bring pain & suffering.
Ganges River
Sacred river, flows from goddess Ganga.
Hinduism’s Diversity
No founder.
No universal belief system.
No natn’l leaders.
Hindu Worship
Centers around family, usually in home rather than temple.
Recitation of prayer.

Upper castes have Brahmin priests conduct rites.
Image of Deity
In Hindu Worship, image is bathed, incensed, given food.

Deity eats essence of food offering, leaving material to be eaten or given to poor.
Record of actions in present life.
Cannot escape results of actions

Good karma results in rebirth at higher level.
Epic poem w/ many basic Hindu ideas.
Occurs when soul is freed from earthly desires and purified.
Nature of the World
World is an illusion.
Ramayana (Rama’s Way)
Epic poem w/ Hindu teachings about loyalty & devotuion.

Main characters are models of correct behavior.
Rebirth of soul (atman) into another living creature or caste.
Reincarnation’s Goal
Freedom from cycle of death & rebirth, union with Brahman.
God of Destruction. Destroys world to prep new creation.

Portrayed as Lord of Dance.
Philosophical works about nature of universe and soul.

Common to all Hindus.
Collection of sacred psalms, prayers, chants.

Common to all Hindus.
Divinely revealed knowledge.
God of Preservation of Life. Works for welfare of world.

Changes to human & animal forms:Rama & Krishna.

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