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Renaissance and Reformation


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rebirth of greek and roman culture
painted Casi Tempi Madonna
philosophy of renaissance
carpe diem! (seize the day!)
Council of Trent
Catholic officials met in order to discuss problems and outlawed indulgences,nepotism,and simony
Geoffrey Chaucer
the centebury tales- people telling stories on a long journey
Sir Edmund Spenser
faerie queen-epic poem about Elizabeth I
Leonardo da Vinci
painted the "mona lisa" and the "last supper"
John Calvin
founder of the protestant branch of christianity called Calvinism who believed that you are predestined to go to heaven or not
in praise of folly-mocked ignorant clergy
work of art of Mary and crucified Jesus
peace of augsburg
law that allowed german princes to chose whether their kingdon will be protestant or catholic
giving a church office to a relative
painted the Birth of Venus
french calvinists
sculpted the bronze David
painting murals of fresh plaster
the prince-handbook for ruthless rulers
painted La Pieta ,the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel,the Creation of Adam, Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and Moses.
Act of Supremacy
law that made Henry the head of the English church
work of art of Mary and baby Jesus
time period of renaissance and reformation
Hans Holbein
painted the portrait of Henry VIII
wrote "the divine comedy"
Martin Luther
nailed 95 theses (complaints agaisnt the church) on the church door in Wittenburg Germany in October 1517
renaissance started in
Sir Thomas Moore
utopia- ideal state with no poverty,war,injustice
english calvinists
the courtier- ideal renaissance man
Johann Tetzel
enemy of Martin Luther who sold indulgences
Anglican Church
church that King Henry VIII of England creates so that he can marry and divorce as he pleases
The Index
list of books forbidden by the Catholic Church
date of defeat of Spanish Armada
reductions of a person's time in purgatory (the state you wait in while you are being judged after death)
John Knox
founder of the branch of protestant christianity called presbyterian who brought calvinism to Scotland
successors of Henry VIII
Edward VI, then Mary Tudor(made England Catholic again), then Elizabeth I (who pernamently made England a protestant nation)
form of christianity that is not catholic
the decameron-ten people fleeing plague
Pieter Bruegel
painted The Peasant Dance
father of the italian sonnet who wrote "Laura" poems
literary movement in renaissance that emphasized everyday human emotions,problems,and achievments
basic beliefs of Martin Luther
read the bible for yourself and interpret it, salvation by faith, priests should be able to marry, priests are no closer ot god thant the average man
Ignatius of Loyola
founded the Jesuits(society of Jesus) who were Catholic missionaries sent over to convert the natives in the "New World" to Catholicism
William Shakespeare
wrote 37 plays including "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet"
don quixote- mocks medieval chilvary
John Gutenburg
invented the printing press. The Gutenburg Bible.
selling a church office
wives and children of Henry VIII
Catherine of Aragon-Mary Tudor(divorced), Ann Boleyn-Elizabeth I(beheaded), Jane Seymour-Edward VI(died), Ann of Cleves(divorced), Catherine Howard(beheaded), Catherine Parr(survived)
causes of protestant reformation
selling of indulgences,nepotism,simony,wordliness of the church
accomplishments of Elizabeth I
pernamently establish england as protestant nation, queen of england at height of renaissance and age of exploration,overhauls english navy makin git the strongest in the world by deafeating the Spanish Armada
Jan van Eyck
one of the first to use oil based paitns

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