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LA 9 Poetry Unit


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The author most intensely attracted to nature
Robert Frost
This person is focused on "self discovery"
Maya Angelou
Who graduated Valedictorian
Robert Frost
this author withdrew from society..almost completely
Emily Dickenson
Actor, singer, poet, playwright, and human rights activist
Maya Angelou
worked as a newspaper reporter
Robert Frost
wrote narrative poems
Edgar Allen POe
wrote gothic style
Edgar Allen POe
disapproved of romantic relationships
Emily Dickenson
orphaned before his 3rd birthday
Edgar Allen Poe
Wrote "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"
Mya Angelous
was an agnostic
Emily Dickenson
wrote primarily during the Harlem Renaissance
Langston Hughes
focused on death and the sour
Emily Dickenson
forced to leave college because he/ she couldn't afford tuition
Edgar Allen Poe
tried to incorporate traditional
African/American vernacular into his/her work
Langston Hughes
dropped out of Harvard to move to England to focus on writing
Robert Frost
published works of varying genres ( short story, poetry , novel)
Langston Hughes
once homeless and a prostitute
Maya Angelou
tried to write poetry that sounded like the spoken verion of jazz or blues
Langston Hughes
the travelor int "The Road NOt Take" believes that
it is unlikely that he will have the opportunity to return to the place where the roads diverge
Waht comes to visit the narrator in "The Raven"
a raven
an example of a way i n which Dickenson personifies death in "Because I could not stop for Death"
She gives it a name and capitalizes the workd "Death"
Who was Frost thinking about in his poen "A Road Not Taken"
A person he knew
Who does Hughes allude to when he mentions Bach in "Theme for English B"
a famous white composer whho wrote most well known classical music
swift, invisible way a scent spreads across the room
Primary theme of "The Road NOt Taken"
difficult decision
alliteration in "The Raven"
weak and weary
phrase used in "The Raven"
the narrator of "Still I Rise"
represents self
Most clearly the theme "overcoming adversity"
Still I Rise
Most important sumbolic creature in "The Raven"
The Raven
Are the 2 roads in "The Road Not Taken" equally worn
yes...they have worn "really about the same"
What does the Raven represent
no hope
the assignment given in "Theme for English B"
let a page come out of you
the other creature considered to repeat "nevermore"
a parrot
Why did Poe decide not to use a parrot
Parrots are funny
Why did Poe think of using a parrot
because parrots repeat things over and over
Which version of "Because I could not stop for Death" did we study
don't know...Dickenson wrote several versions of her final draft
alliteration in "Theme for EnglishB"
"Bessie, bop, Bach"
tone of "The Road Not Taken"
In "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" , the narrator compares death with
dating because she dislike dating and thought it was something awful
internal rhythm in "The Raven"
dreary and weary
symbolism in "Because I could not stop for Death"
carriage ride symbolizing leaving life
A "traveler" is the main character in waht piece
"The Road Not Taken"
The age of the narrator in "Theme for English B"
22 years old
Major tragic event alluded to in Angelou's poem
who gave the assignment ,mentioned in "Theme for English B"
the narrator's white college instructor
example of repetition in "Because I could Not stop for Death
the use of the word "pass" in different forms and tenses
primary message in "Theme fo English B"
regardless of color, we are all connected by the fact that we are all Americans
simile in "I Rise"
"I walk like I got oil wells pumping in my living room"
I dance like I've gpt diamonds at the meetiing of my thighs
most prevalent and significant repetition in "I Rise"
The use of "I rise"
Bessie in "Theme for English B"
Bessie Smith- popular African American singer
subject of "I Rise"
the unbreakable spirit of the African American people
Captures Frost's meaning in "Nothing Gold Can Stay"
Spring never lasts-neither the literal not the metaphoric "newness" remains
comparison made by author with the ongoin metaphor in "Birches"
speaker sees himself swinging on birch branches- swinging back and forth between childhood and adulthood
literary devices used in line 9 of "Birches"
literary device in line 3 of "Dreams"
most used writers craft in "A Dream Deferred"
first person
speaker or writer referring to self
words or phrases used by a specific group of people
Harlem Renaissance
time period of New York when African American artists expressedd themselves
"autobiographical anthology"
collection of works of any genre which tell about an authors life
someone who believes there may be a creator but doesn't believe that God takes a personal interest in His creation
Free Verse
style of poetic compostion that doesn't follow the same rhythmic pattern through out

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