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What is the term for the average number of people per square mile?
population density
What is an import?
the purchase of a resource from another country
What is an example of a product in your home that is from another country?
electronics or tennis shoes
What are arts?
NOT just painting and sculpture - these are arts, but art includes dance, theatre, music, literature, etc.
What is a direct democracy?
all citizens vote directly on issues
What are responsibilities?
duties one has to other citizens and to the government
What are services?
work that is done for others
What is the term used for the number of people out of every 1,000 who die in a year?
death rate
What is one factor that unites people of a common culture?
How is nuclear energy made and is it renewable or nonrenewable?
it is power made from an atomic reaction and it is nonrenewable.
What is globalization?
the trend in interdependent economies and the development of a world culture
What is meant by communication technology?
the changing way we talk to one another and share information
What are some renewable resources that are used for energy?
water is used for hydroelectric power, solar energy produces heat from the sun
What are 3 main ways cultures tend to remember history?
by successes, through heroes or heroines and by the dark times
What is free trade?
taking down barriers so that goods flow freely among countries
What is a tariff?
a tax added to the price of imported goods.
What different groups can a society be divided into?
economic, age, and gender
What refers to people's ability to build things that make their lives easier?
What is a system that describes how people use goods and services to make a living?
What is an example of a responsibility?
respecting the property of others and when you turn 18 you are responsible for voting for government officials
What is famine?
an extreme lack of food
What is a representative democracy?
people vote for representatives who lead the country and make laws
What is meant by the saying "technology is shrinking our world?"
It is making the world SEEM smaller because we can easily access far-away places
What is a developing country?
one that is working toward industrialization
What is the term for when there is not enough resources in a place to support the number of people living there?
What is culture?
a way of life for people who share similar beliefs and customs
What is daily life?
the way people experience regular, everyday life and this depends upon their cultural roots
What type of government places the power in the hands of a small, elite group?
What is the birth rate?
the number of children born each year for every 1,000 people
What is an example of a dark time in American history?
current - The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 other examples - Civil War or The Great Depression
What is an export?
the sending out of extra resources to anothe country
What are 3 technologies that have been developed in the last 100 years?
1) telephone 2) cars 3) airplanes
What are renewable resources?
resources that cannot be used up because they are replaced naturally
What type of government is under the control of one all-powerful leader?
What is interdependence?
the idea that countries rely on each other to get what they need - it is the dependence of one country on another or others to get goods and services they need
What is a dialect?
different forms of the same language that have unique words, meanings, and pronunciations (Southern dialect or a Northern Dialect of Midwestern Dialect)
What are some examples of advances in communication technology?
cell phones, satellite messages, television broadcasts, fax machines, and Skype phone calls through the computer
What does it mean for an area to be overpopulated?
there are not enough resources to support the number of people living there
What is religion?
a system of beliefs that answers questions about the meaning of life
What are some examples of advances in transportation technology?
airplanes, bullet trains, advancement in automobiles such as GPS
What traits do geographers look at when studying a culture?
1) social groups 2) language 3) religion 4) daily life 5) history 6) arts 7) government 8) economy
What are 2 reasons the population grew so fast in the last 200 years?
1) new and improved cures for diseases including improved medicines 2) better/healthier food and nicer housing
What is an example of a monarchy?
The United Kingdom (under a king/queen)
What are some effects of technology?
there have been advances in transportation technology as well as communication technology
What is an example of a country with a dictatorship?
What do geographers study other than just land or areas?
ethnic groups
What are natural resources?
products of the earth that people use to meet their needs
What type of government is ruled by a certain religion and its political leaders are also its religious leaders?
Ancient Israel (under Moses)
What is an example of an oligarchy?
Ancient Greek City-States
What is a minority group?
one that is fewer in number and differs in some way from the main group
What does it mean to specialize?
to focus on the activites that work best with a given countries resources
What are rights?
the benefits promised to a group of people by law
What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources?
renewable resources can be used again and again while nonrenewable cannot be replaced
What does it mean to emigrate?
to leave your home country
What is a example of a historical success?
America's Independence from Britain
What is a system of rules and laws that people use to run a country?
What are some examples of age groups?
the young, the middle age, and the elderly
What are some examples of nonrenewable resources?
metals and other minerals or fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas.
What is a refugee?
a person who flees to another country to escape persecution or disaster
What are some examples of different economic groups?
the poor, the middle class, and the rich
What are goods?
solid things that are used or consumed - things that can be seen or touched directly such as food or clothing
What is NAFTA and what does it do?
it is the North American Free Trade Agreement - it is an agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada for free-trade agreements with one another
What are some examples of gender groups?
male and female
What does it mean to immigrate?
to leave one's home country and move to a new country
What is meant by transportation technology?
advances that allow people to travel from one place to another in a short amount of time
What is a majority group?
the one that is greater in number and usually has the most power
What is an example of interdependence?
when one country depends upon another for needed resources
What is an example of an America hero?
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Why do developing countries tend to want manufacturing?
because industry tends to make more money than agriculture
What is an example of a service?
cutting someone's hair or teaching someone
What is the difference between an emigrant and an immigrant?
an emigrant is one who leaves a country and an immigrant is one who moves to a new country
What is perhaps the most significant advancement in communication technology?
the internet - a worldwide network of computers that send messages to people everywhere (to your neighbor or across the world)
What are some examples of natural resources?
wind, water, and oil
Name the types of democracy.
Direct Democracy and Reprsentative Democracy
What is a developed country?
one that has a great deal of manufacturing
How are members of different age groups treated differently?
people who are middle age tend to be in positions of power while the elderly and the young often are not treated as fairly
Why is it important to look at the art in a given country?
much can be learned about a culture by studying what its people think is beautiful and important
What is a language example of a word that uses a different form depending upon the dialect and the geographic region?
a carbonated beverage that is drunk - in the south we call it a Coke while other areas in the United States call it a SODA or a POP
Why is it important to study history?
the events of the past shape us in many ways - if we do not study history, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again
What are some examples of rights we enjoy as U.S. citizens?
the right to speak freely and the right to practice religion of one's own choice
What is an example of a country with a direct democracy?
parts of Switzerland as this is a rare form of democracy
What are some examples of major world religions?
Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Atheism
What type of government has leaders that inherit the right to rule through birth?
What is specialization?
when a country focusus on the things that their resources allow them to do best
What are nonrenewable resources?
resources that cannot be replaced when they are used up
Can a region with a low population still be overpopulated?
yes, because it mostly depends on how many resources that a particular region has
What are some examples of renewable resources?
wind, sun, plants, animals
What are some examples of things in daily life?
type of food, clothing, and the style of architecture
What is a quota?
a limit on the number of a product allowed into a country
Why is corn grown by farmers in the Great Plains rather than coffee?
due to the climate, it is the better crop to grow there
What are some benefits of technology?
people can travel across the Atlantic in a few hours, we can use a phone to connect with someone across the world (England or Finland) in a matter of seconds, and there has been an informaiton revolution
What are ethnic groups?
people who share a common history, language, religion, and physical characteristics
What is an example of a representative democracy?
The United States of America

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