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with oxygen
energy balance
taking in the same number of calories as you expend
a disease that is the result of the bodys inability to regulate sugar metabolism
the capacity to perform specific tasks that involve the use of muscles and nerves together wiht the brain
only substances in foods that provide energy and are necessary for other bodily functions
isotonic exercises
a type of physical activity in which the body parts move
cool down
exercise designes to help you recover after physicl activity
height and weight and skinfold calipers
measures of body mass index
healthy fitness zone
the amount of fitness a person needs to be considered healthy
physical activities that have rules, boundaries, and skills. they involve competition and result in winners and losers
energy intake
the calories one consumes from food
frequency intensity time and type
muscle endurance
the ability to repeat muscle actions for an extended period of time
central disease control
the term used to describe a person who does no physical activity
cardence push ups and curl ups
tests of muscular strength and endurance
a national fitness test that includes tests for all parts of health-related fitness
the ability to synchronize two or more body movements at the same time
lifetime activities
physical activities which can be done throughout life
pacer, mile run and 12 minute walk/run
tests of cardiovascular endurance
isometric exercises
a type of physical activity in which the body parts do not move
essential fat
the minimum percentage of body fat that is necessary to have good health
the thigns we eat and the substances included in foods
reaction time
the time it takes for a stimulus to be recgonized and acted upon by a body part
a small computer worn on the belt that counts steps during physical activity
activities done during free time that may be active or inactive
the ability to maintain and control your body in various positions and movements
cardiovascular endurance
the ability of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels to work together efficiently over an extended period of time
the time it takes to more a certain distance
energy expenditure
the energy a body uses to perform its regular functions and physical activity
a display of movements or skills that is continuous and repetitive
the ability to move a joint through its full range of motion
the ability to change directions quickly
eating disorder
when you eat too little and exercise too much
activities that have simple rules and often have a winner or loser
shoulder stretch, trunk extension and sit & reach
tests of flexibility
without oxygen
the substance in foods that supplies energy
rhyhmical activities that involve movement, skills and music
a unit of measurement for energy supplied by foods
muscle strength
the power to do a specific skill one time
body tissues that connects bone
the ability to combine strength and speed
physical activity
movement that uses the large muscles of the body
body composition
the relationship of the lean body mass and the fat body mass
warm up
exercise designed to get you ready for physical actitivity
physical fitness
the ability to perform all of the days activities efficciently and still have energy for leisure activities
a substance found in foods that provides energy and is necessary for the building and repair of body tissues

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