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History Exam 1 (cont)


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Gibson Girl
drawing created by Charles Dana Gibson. This girl was tall, spirited, athletic, and chastely sexual. She rejected hoop skirts and preferred more natural styles that did not disguise her female form. In the city women's sphere began to take a more public character. Catered to by department stores.
Horatio Alger
rags to riches tale. This was the basis for a flood of popular writings containing the creed of individualism.
Hull House
based on Tynbee hall, a mansion in Chicago that served as a community center and provided a nursury, pharmacy, kindergarten, playground, gymnasium, and adult edu.
Who the Hull house appealed to
Many men and women who were interested in reform activism.
Especially women bc they had few career opportunities.
Jane Addams
Slight curvature in her spine made her very self conscience. She was youngest child and favored by her father. He remarried when she was eight, this greatly affected her bc her stepmom was a beautiful woman. Her stepmom wanted her to improve her feminine skills for proper society.
Jane Addams later in life
she realized the hul house couldnt do the work alone so she began to lobby city and state lawmakers to help the poor. Despite her fer of her ugly appearance she became a very public figure, she wrote boks and lectured, she sang the national anthem at the progressive convention, she was against WWI, which helped her become internationally famous, and she won the Nobel Peace prize in 1931.
Hull house and Jane Adams accomplishments
abolishment of child labor, establishment of juvenile courts, limitations on working hours for women, recognition of labor unions, compulsory school attendence, and safer working conditions in factories.
Ida B Wells
One of the most outspoken African Americans toward lynching. Her editorials in her newspaper "Free Speach" angered the white people in the Memphis community and in 1892 she was asked to leave the city.
Ocala Platform
See lecture #4 page 3
Open Door Note
1899 Sent to China from America because all of the other major countries already had their sphere of influence in China and America wanted to be assured they would have access to the markets overseas. Asked China to open the trade on equal terms by all nations.
Pendleton Civil Service Act
1883. This act ensured that high gov't officials were not using the spoils system and allowing their friends to have government jobs. After this act every gov't official had to undergo political examinations
Rough Riders
After Spain declared War on America Roosevelt resigned from sec. of navy and took a spot as lieutenant colonel of a volunteer army. A wave spread and within weeks 200,000 civilians went to the fort in Florida to sign up for the rough riders. however the food was bad, the sanitation was worse, the guns were in short supply.
Social Darwinism
If plants and animals evolved with survival of the fittest then that can be applied to nations also. This theory led to the belief of the superiority of Anglo Saxons.
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
right before closing this factory caught on fire, most of the doors were locked and the ones that weren't were blocked off by flames. 47 ppl leapt to their death and 99 never made it to the window. This caused labor reform. 56 laws dealing with fire hazards, unsafe machines, industrial homework, andwages and hours for women and children.
specific form of business with mergers and business combinations to form monopolies. ex. Steel and Standard Oil trust
vertical integration
when businesses that do different functions merge so they can operate completely independently.
Ward McCallister
southern born lawyer who made a quick fortune in the San Francisco gold rush. He took it upon himself to make a list of all of the elites in New York. in 18888 he compiled the first Social Register which held the names of the 400. The best of NY society. He held balls, parties and helped launched ladies into society.
William Pickens
African American soldier, fought in the Great War (WWI). tried to get equality for African American soldiers.
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
After women pleaded with saloon owners to shut down and end the drunken fathers, they formed this. It grew rapidly and since it excluded men, it was perfect for raising women leaders
Wounded Knee
the indians were performing their ritual dance, and when they refused to stop the officials called in the troops. One of the soldiers tried to disarm a deaf Indian and a gun went off. After that it was open fire and 150 men women and children indians were slaughtered.

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