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Music Exam 2


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A Vivaldi concerto usually has how many movements?
Sets of dance-inspired instrumental movements are called what?
Unlike other movements in the symphony, the ____ movement is generall NOT in the tonic key.
Which is not true of the minuet?
Presto Tempo
In the recapitulation of a sonata-form movement, ___________.
all themes are in the tonic key.
Sonata form is used frequently as the ____ movemenet of a symphony.
A classical concerto is a 3-movement work for who?
instrumental soloist and orchestra
The _____ is a Lutheran hymn tune.
J.S. Bach created masterpieces in every Baroque form except
The two giants of Baroque composition were
Bach and Handel
Handel spent the major portion of his life in
A bass part together with numbers that specify the chords to be played above it is called
basso continuo
The main keyboard instruments used during the Baroque were
organ and harpsichord
Within the same movement, a Baroque musical composition usually expresses
one basic mood
The composer whose career and musical style was a model for many romantic era composers was
A study piece, designed to help a performer master specific technical difficulties, is a (an)
The section often added on to the end of a piece is called
Instrumental music written for its own sake, and for which the composer did not intend a program, is called
absolute music
A symphony is a ________work for orchestra.
four movement work for orchestra
"Terraced" dynamics refers to
the sudden change from one dynamic level to another
The position of a Baroque period composer was that of
a high class servant
Sonata form's three main sections are
exposition, development, recapitulation
Short musical fragments of themes, containing just a few notes, are called
A piano sonata is a musical composition in two or more movements for how many players?
one player
A polyphonic composition based on one main theme called a "subject" is the
In Beethoven's 5th Symphony, a _______ is used instead of the minuet.
The usual order of movements in a classical syphony is
fast, slow, dance, fast
An art song, or "lied" in German, is a musical composition for who?
solo voice and piano
A choral work with orchestra performed in church services is
Oratorios differ from operas in that they contain no
scenery and costumes
Which of the following is NOT part of a sonata form movement?
Dance movements called ______ often appear in classical symphonies.
The piano's relentless rhythm in "Erlkonig" suggests the
galloping of the horse
The orchestra in the Romantic period had how many players?
A ____________ is an instrumental composition in several movements based to some extent on a literary or pictorial idea.
program symphony
A slow, lyrical composition for piano is a (an)
The first movement of a classical symphony is usually fast and in _______ form.
The rondo may be schematically outlined as
The second movement of Haydn's "Surprise Symphony" is in
themes and variations form
Program music is
instrumental music associated with a story, poem, idea, or scene
Composers expressed nationalism in their music by
basing their music on the folk songs of their country
Schubert's song "Erlkonig" is set to a poem by
A large-scale composition for chorus, vocal soloists and orchestra NOT usually heard in a regular church service is
A section of music that sounds complete but is part of a larger composition is called a
A _____________ is a one-movement orchestral composition based to some extent on a literary or pictorial idea.
tone poem
Berlioz's "Symphonie fantastique" is unified by the recurrence of a theme called a (an)
"idee fixe"
The piece by Smetana that depicts Bohemia's main river is the
A slight slowing down or speeding up of the tempo is called
In Puccini's "La Boheme," the character Rodolfo is a young

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