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Theatre Exam 3


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A vertical three-sided column which rotates to present three different scenic patterns
What are the jobs of a scenic designer?
1.) Creating an environment for the performers 2.) Helping to set the mood and style of the production 3.) Helping to distinguish realistic from nonrealistic theatre 4.) Establishing the locale and period in which the play takes place 5.) Evolving a design concept in concert with the director and other designers 6.) Where appropriate, providing a central image or visual metaphor for the production 7.) Ensuring that the scenery is coordinated with other production elements 8.) Solving practical design problems
Realistic Theatre
Settings look much like their counterparts in real life. A kitchen resembles a kitchen, a bedroom resembles a bedroom, etc ex: Blithe Spirit! :)
Nonrealistic Theatre
The designer can give free rein to imagination and creativity. ex: The Lion King, Electra, Company
The Design Concept
A unifying idea carried out visually
Fly loft
The place where scenery can be dropped down
The "flat"
The most common in designing a set. Flats are canvas stretched on wood and can be made into ramps, platforms, and walls.
A gauze or cloth screen which can be painted with thin paint or dye. The wide mesh of the cloth allows light to pass through
The designer needs to make use of the following elements of design:
1.) Line 2.) Mass and composition 3.) Texture 4.) Color 5.) Rhythm 6.) Movement
Technical Director
Responsible for solving overall technical problems. He/she is in charge of scheduling, constructing, and painting scenery.
'Prop'erty Designer
Creates and executes all props
Scenic Charge Artists
Responsible for seeing that sets are built and painted according to the specifications and requirements of the scene designer
Paint Charge Artists
In charge of painting the set
Costumes convey...
Information about the people wearing them: Position and status Gender Occupation etc, etc
Functions of Stage Lighting:
1.) Provide visibility (duuuh) 2.) Reveal shapes and forms 3.) Provide a focus onstage and create visual compositions 4.) Assist in creating mood and reinforcing style 5.) Establish time and place 6.) Establish rhythm and movement 7.) Reinforce a central visual image, establish visual information, or both
Light Plot
Includes the location and color of each lighting instrument
Properties of Stage Lighting
Intensity Color Distribution Movement
Ellipsodal Reflector Spotlight
Creates a bright, hard-edged spotlight.
Soft-Edged Spotlights
Creates a soft-edged beam of light
Floodlights, strip lights, border lights
Bathe a section of the stage or scenery in a smooth, diffused wash of light
Automated or moving light
These lights are able to alter focus, change color, project multiple patterns, rotate patterns, change the size of the beam
Lighting Cues
Lighting changes arranged ahead of time
All lights are shut off
Slip Stage
Extra feet of stage that is hidden from audience. Scenes are put together on a slip stage while a scene is taking place on stage
Turn Tables
Used creatively to move the actors on stage in a circle
Off-Loop Theatre
Theatre outside the downtown commercial section of Chicago (this is the equivalent of "off Broadway" in New York)
The joining of theatre with other arts - particularly dance, film, and television
Environmental Theatre
Theatre that treats the entire theatre space as a performance area
Puerto Rican culture, mostly in New York
Postmodern Theatre
Theatre in which artists mix abstract ideas and realism so that their work cannot easily be classified
Important Pulitzer Prize Winners...
1981 Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley 1983 Night, Mother by Marsha Norman 1987 Fences by August Wilson 1989 The Heidi Chronicles by Wendy Wasserstein 1990 The Piano Lesson by August Wilson 1993 Angels in America: Millennium Approaches by Tony Kushner 1996 Rent by the late Jonathan Larson 1999 Wit by Margaret Edson 2002 Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks 2003 Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz
"Contact" the in-class video
This show caused some controversy because it also happened during the Broadway Musicians Union Strike. --- Make sure to go over email he sent out!
Special Effects
Fog Haze Remote Control (Phantom Row Boat) Strobe Lights Fiber Optic Star Drops Torches/Fire on Stage Smoke & Flash Pots Confetti Canons (Dames at Sea Ship’s Guns)
How were theatres lit before electricity?
Candles behind colored water Gas Table with Gas jets surrounding Proscenium Floating candles etc. “Limelights” “Footlights”
"Race" related Theatre
 African American/Black Theatre  Asian American Theatre  Hispanic Theatre  Native American Theatre
"Gender" related Theatre
Feminist Theatre
"Sexual Preference" related Theatre
Gay and lesbian theatre
"Artistic Points of View" Theatre
Performance Art Bridge and Tunnel (Sarah Jones) Sexaholics (John Leguizamo) Twilight: Los Angeles 1992 (Anna Deveare Smith) De La Guarda - Vila Vila Fuerza Bruta
Raisin in the Sun
Most Important Black Play of 20th Century – Lorraine Hansbury’s Raisin in the Sun (1959) Directed by Lloyd Richards First Black Director on Broadway went on to chair Yale Drama School

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