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Accelerated Russian section 2 irregular locations


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in hell
в адђ́
in the airport
в аэропорту́
on the (river)bank
на беѬегђ́
in the battle
в бою́
in view
в видђ́
in the year
в годђ́
on the edge
на краю́
in the forest
в лесђ́
on thebridge
на мосту́
in paradise
в раю́
in the row
в Ѭядђ́
in the garden
в садђ́
in the snow
в снегђ́
in the corner
в ђглђ́
around the hour
в часу́
in the cupboard, bookcase
в шкафу́
at the cottage
на да́че
at the concert
на конце́рте
in the kitchen
на ку́хне
on the floor
на полђ́
at the post office
на по́чте
at work
на рабо́те
at the meeting
на собѬа́нии
at the station
на ста́нции
on the street
на у́лице
at the exam
на экза́мене
on the floor (of a building)
на этаже́

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