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What are the volumes of the NAVEDTRA 131 and what do they contain?
Vol I Developers Guide
Step-by Step guidance for developing effective training material
Aids the developer in constructing the curriculum and course document pages
Vol II Sample Documents
Provides samples of each of the management and curriculum documents
Vol III Managers Guide
Contains management information important to PADDIE of curricula.
Establishes the requirements for the submission and review during curriculum development process
What are the seven stages of the Personal Performance Profile Based Curriculum Development?
Identifies resource requirements
Sequence of events in developing process

Stage I PPP
Determines job tasks, supporting skills and knowledge, and level of personnel
Determines skills/knowledge which must be taught and produces the course learning objectives (TCCD)
Continue) seven stages of the Personal Performance Profile Based Curriculum Development?
Stage III Curriculum Material
Produces the instructional material for the instructor and the trainee
Instructor guide
Trainee guide
Stage IV Pilot Course
CCA has approved a course for pilot and ends with submittal of the pilot course Monitoring report.
Stage V “Red Line” Smooth
Final Curriculum
Final TCCD
CCA letter of promulgation
Surveillance, evaluation, change and revisions of training material
What are the contents of the Training Project Plan?
Front Matter
Course Module or Lesson Data
Justification for course Development/ Change/ Revision
Impact if course Development/ Change/ Revision is not undertaken
Milestone Chart
Resources Requirements
Training System Integration
Course Schedule Data
What is a Personnel Performance Profile (PPP)?
Minimum listing of knowledge and skills required to operate and maintain a system, subsystem, or equipment, or to perform a task or function
What is the most critical element of curriculum development per NAVEDTRA 131?
Quality curricula result in quality PPP’s
Poor PPP’s lead to poor curriculum
Develop PPP’s first
PPP’s line items are used throughout a curriculum
What are the Training Path Systems outputs (TPS)? (Stage 1)
TOS Training Objective Statement
Describe skill and knowledge to be learned by the individual
TLA Training Level Assignment
List specific PPP line items to be taught, environment, and level of training
TAM Training Assignment Matrix
Summarizes the training requirements for PPP tables listed on the TPC by showing all TOS associated with each PPP
TPC Training Path Chart
Graphically shows a complete training path for a category of people by listing course in the path, and PPP tables covered by each
What are the contents of the preliminary Training Course Control Document(TCCD)? (Stage 2)
OAC Objective Assignment Chart
Reflects the coverage of PPP items within a curriculum
RRL Resource Requirements List
Lists resources needed to conduct the course
COI Curriculum Outline of Instruction
Describes the overall course outline and objectives
List and describe the elements of the Lesson Plan?
Front Matter - Provides essential information both for managing and conducting the course.
Parts - Primary organizational element of the lesson plan , based on the PPP tables to be taught in the course
Resource Requirements List - A list of everything required to conduct the course
What are the six types of instructional sheets in the trainee guide?
What are the Training Objective Statement (TOS) codes for both knowledge and skill?
F Familiarization
T Theory
S Skill (background)
J Skill (Task/Function)
O Operation
P Preventive Maintenance
C Corrective Maintenance
M Maintenance
What are the three TOS (task sets)? (CDP)
Coordinate TOS set- Those who have overall authority and responsibility I.E. CO/XO
Direct TOS set- Those persons who provide direct supervision I.E. DH,DO LCPO, and LPO’s
Perform TOS set- Those who do the hands on
What are the types of courses listed in a Training Path Chart (TPC)?
Background Prerequisite training that provides basic skill and knowledge
example Common Core
Replacement Prepares new personnel for their first assignment
example “A” school
Conversion Training given to previously trained and experienced personnel operate new equipment
example P-100/AFFF Schools
Advanced Example “C” School
Onboard Training held onboard ship
example watch quals/DC
When should job sheet development begin?
As soon as the Training Path System (TPS) in done
How are Course Learning Objectives CLO’s developed?
By selecting the Course Learning Objective Model Statements
How are part numbers determined?
Part numbers are derived from the PPP Table Number (example; PPP Table Number is SO136)
Without Interruption SO136
Two or more parts
SO136/1 1st usage
SO136/2 2nd usage
What are the eight ways to sequence a course?
1. Chronological
2. Comparative
3. Combination approach
4. Critical Sequence
5. Reverse sequencing
6. Job Performance
7. Simple to Complex
8. Relationship of like COI elements
What is contained in the Resource Requirements List (RRL)?
Resources required to conduct a course
Supporting Material
What is contained in the final Training Course Control Document (TCCD)?
1. Front Matter
Cover Page
Course Data Page
Trainee Data Page
Table of Contents
Letter of Promulgation
2. Curriculum Outline of Instruction
Topic Titles
Section Titles
Part Titles
3. Annexes
Resource Requirements List (RRL)
Course Master Schedule (CMS)
Fault applicability List (FAL)
Objective Assignment Chart (OAC)

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