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According to Patterson and his colleagues, aggression in children is linked to use of coercive discipline by their parents. In turn, parents' use of coercive discipline is directly related to:
a) the parents' misinterpretations of the child's intent
Patterson views coercive displine as being more likely in the presence of stressful life events, certain personality characteristics in parents, and a tempermentally difficulty child.
A person with a temporal lobe tumor is most likely to exhibit which of the following:
a. memory impairment, depression or anxiety, and hallucinations
b. poor judgement, impulsivity, and inappropriate jocularity
c. confabulation, irritabili
The temporal lobe is involved in auditory perception and memory. Tumors in the temporal lobe affect memory, may produce hallucinations, (esp. auditory hallucinations) and usually affect mood.
adolescent daughter who has become 'another person'. constant irritability, smoking and drinking, trouble at school, high risk sexual behavior, girl feels that nothing bad can ever happen to her
b) Conduct Disorder
c) Bipolar I
The sudden change in bheavior and the nature of her symptoms are most suggestive of a manic episode.
Research comparing heterogeneous to homogenous work groups has found that heterogenous work groups
a) are more creative and better at decision-making
b) are more creative but less productive overall
c) make better decisions but are less pr
Most of the research on group heterogeneity has focused on this efects on creativity and decision-making. These studies have found, for the most part, a positive effect for heterogeneity on these 2 measures of performance.
You are conducting a study to investigate the phenomena known as "blocking" Consequently, you will

a) first present the CS prior to the US, then, once the CR is established, present the US prior to the CS.

b) first present
This is the procedure used to investigate blocking. When this procedure is used, the second CS never becomes associated with the US. One explanation of blocking is that it occurs because the second CS does not provide information beyond what is already provided by the original CS.
When using the Halstead-Reitan, an examinee's performance on seven measures is used to derive an
1) Impairment index, determine brain damage
2) impairment index, a functional disorder
3) pathology profile, compare score to those of people
The impairment index is derived by adding the number of measures on which the examinee scored in the abnormal range and dividing the total by the number of measures. the higher the number, the more likely the person has brain damage.
Conduct Disorder co-occurs with ADHD. Which is not true about children with both?
a) higher rates of social maladjustment than those with ADHD only.
b) more extensive cognitive difficulties and poorer school achievement than children with ADHD<
Children with "pure" ADHD tend to have more cognitive and academic problems than children with the dual diagnosis.
Androgens and estrogens are secreted by the
a) gonads only
b) gonads and adrenal glands
c) gonads and the pituitary gland
d) gonads and pineal gland
the adrenal glands do produce small amounts of androgens and estrogens
From the perspective of Rational Emotive Therapy
a) irrational beliefs are acquired primarily through social learning processes
b) irrational beliefs are acquired largely through selective reinforcement
c) people are biologically prone to
Ellis believed that the majority of behavior had a biological basis.
Perry & Busey (1977) suggests that highly aggressive children:
a) were exposed to prenatally to high levels of androgens
b) are less sensitive to physicial discomfort than less agressive children
c) exhibited a disoriented/disengaged p
highly aggressive children show little remorse after aggressive acts
An adolescent's adoption of a "ready-made" identity that was formulated by a parent or other authority figure is referred to as:
a) foreclosure
b) moratorium
c) fusion
d) emersion
identity foreclosure is occurrring when an adolescent is committed to an identity that was formulated by a parent or other individual rather than as the outcome of an identity crisis
A person with apraxia has:

a) deficits in memory
b) trouble recognizing objects by touch
c) impaired procedural memory
d) difficulty carrying out intentional movements
Apraxia is the inability to perform intentional motor movements that is not due to paralysis, lack of motivation, or lack of understanding
When working with a Japanese ct. in therapy, you decide your primary goals is to normalize the ct.'s problems and instill a sense of hope. According to Sue & Zane these goals are:
a) examples of 'giving'
b) ways of establishing ascribed cre
gift giving is an important tradition in Asian cultures. giving can include normalization and the instillation of hope
James-Lange theory:

a) I think, therefore I am
b) I'm trembling, so I must be scared
c) It's noon, so I must be hungry
d) that was a great b-day surprise, so I must be happy
peripheralist theory of emotion
psychological experiences of emotion follows bodily responses to external stimuli
"code-switching" in bilingual speakers
a) tend to obtain lower scores on reading comprehension
b) have less trouble switching between grammatical rules of the majority and minority languages
c) go back and forth between languages
code-switching is also known as language switching, shifts between languages,uses to express solidarity w/ one's cultural group, express oneself
There are a number of widely accepted myths about old age. Which is NOT a myth.
a) older more difficult and rigid than younger
b) older more similar [to each other] than younger in terms of personality, cognitive skills, etc.
c) higher rat
personality characteristics seem to be more stable in later years than in the early and middle years of adulthood

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