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Orientation to Deafness


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4 Things to get a deaf persons attention:
flash lights - blink for speaker, flash for emergency
body tapping - in appropriate places
hand waving - depends on distance
stomping feet - wood floors for vibration
Why are goodbyes longer for deaf people than for hearing?
work all week with no communication
no time with friends during the week
Whats the difference between a TTY and a TTD?
TTY - teletypewriter developed by a deaf person

TTD - telecommunication device developed by the hearing for the deaf
Who said this?
"Men that are deaf are in all cases dumb; that is they can make vocal sounds, but they canot speak."
Who founded the first deaf school in Virginia in 1813?
John Braidwood
This schools name use to be Conneticut Asylum for the Education and Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb Persons in 1818. Which school was it the first in the U.S.
American School for the Deaf. The 1st.
Instruction for the Deaf and Dumb was located in which city and state?
New York, NY in 1818.
When was Pennsylvania Institution opened for deaf children?
What school was the only school for the deaf that was supported by the state?
Kentucky Asylum for the Tuition of the Deaf and Dumb
What was the leading causes of deafness?
spinal meningitis
Why was there a decline in Deaf teachers from 1850-1927?
oralism was being taught in all the schools, it was called the dark ages. AGBell was trying to eradicate sign language.
What happened in Texas, April 1887?
A deaf school hired a deaf black teacher
Why was the telegraph invented?
so morse could communicate with deaf wife
"What Hath God Wrought?" What is this line famous for?
first thing typed on the telegraph
Who did bought the telegraph from Morse?
the military
Who was Amos Kendall? And what did he do for Gallaudet?
he was Morse's financial adviser. He donated the land for Gallaudett.
Who was Erastus Smith?
a deaf soldier who helped troops in the mexico war. became famous and is very famous in Texas.
In 1939, this state school admitted deaf and blind students.
Who was the man who helped establish a school for the deaf in Illinois?
Orville H. Browning
In 1846, this state had the only school for the deaf in a log cabin. What is the name?
Why were southern deaf schools forced to close during the Cival War?
teachers went off to war
What was the only Southern Deaf School the remained opened during the war?
Who was Joshua Davis and were was he from?
a deaf farm boy and he went to school in cave springs
How did a General save Joshuas life?
by fingerspelling or knowing cultural knowledge
cultural knowledge
How did deaf or hard of hearing men get into the army?
there were no doctors check back then, if they wanted to join, they just smiled and noded, got a gun, uniform and was ready to go.
Who signed the charter to grant college degrees to Deaf persons?
Abraham Lincoln
Where was the first oral school in 1867? And is it still used today?
New York, and yes k-8 have to use it, when you are in high school, you can you use sign.
What type of School is Clarke in Massachusetts?
Oralism. No sign at all, even 2003
Where was the first NAD convention held and why?
in Cincinnati, becasuse the the president lived there.
What did these three men combat?
Edmund Booth
Edwin Hodgson
Robert P. McGregor
In Milan Italy, What resolution was passed that affected deaf people?
oralism was to be taught to the deaf
Who was John Flournoy?
was advocate of a "deaf-mute" colony
Who was the first deaf and blind person to be educated in this country?
Laura Bridgman. Perkins Institution
What famous authour used Laura as a character in his book?
Charles Dickens
What was AG Bell opposed of with Deaf people?
mixed marriages
opposition of deaf teachers
Why was AG Bell opposed of deaf teachers and deaf people in general?
he wanted deaf people to be oral - deaf teachers were not good role models. He wanted hearing to be the same. If you teach them oralism, they will be like man.
AG Bells Wife was deaf T/F
True - by accident, but was oral , so was her mother. Bells wife did not want to be deaf and was rude to deaf people. She would not use sign at all.
People read Darwins Evolution theory and thought of deaf people as animals T/F
True- they describe sign language like animals.
they described oralism like evolution.
What is a linotype?
deaf printer
the linotype took jobs away from the hearing peole and gave the to the deaf T/F
False - the linotype taught deaf students a trade. the deaf schools added them to the printing departments.
What year was the automobile invented?
What school provided the first form of insurance for deaf and other deaf men?
Michigan school for the Deaf.
What was the name of the first insurance the deaf created for themselves?
Fraternal Society of the Deaf
Where were they located?
What year did the Fraternal Society of the Deaf open its membership to women and children?
What was the name of the first nursing home for the deaf? Who was its founder?
Gallaudet Home for the Age and Infirm Deaf. Reverend Thomas Thomas Gallaudet.
How many states refused deaf drivers lincenses around 1920?
Who invented shorthand?
John R. Gregg
Who invented a device for holding an ironing table?
Thomas J. Browning
Who created the first athletic schedule book? What school was he from?
Wesley Lauritsen. Minnesota School for the Deaf
Who invented wake-up alarms, doorbell lights, and bed vibrators?
emerson romero

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