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Multicultural Education


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Worldview is:
The way people characteristically look at the universe. It consists of values, beliefs, and assumptions or the way a cultural group perceives other people.
Whites accounted for what percent of the 1990 census dropout rate?
Define Stereotype. Give an example.
exaggerated and inaccurate generaliztions used to decribe all members of a group. i.e. All Italians are in the Mafia.
Blacks had this percentage of dropouts in the 1990 census?
The 2nd generation of japanese immigrants that were eligible to own land are called what?
How are gender and the self-fulfilling prophecy related?
They are both good predictors of success.
Asian/Pacific Islanders had a dropout rate of what, according to the 1990 census?
What are the four types of Host Schools?
Business As Usual, Assimilating,Plualistic Coexistant, Integrated Pluralism
Percentage of school children who ethnic minorities.
Integrated Pluralism in the schools avoids what?
Define Culture:
The aquired knowledge that people use to interpret experience and to generate behavior.
What is Self Concept?
A complex set of beliefs that an individual holds about themself.
How does Pluralistic Coexistance alter schools?
It involves the seperation of different racial or ethnic groups.
In regards to integration define: Business as Usual
Nothing changes...the host school remains the same as when segregated.
What were the results of Rosanthal and Jacobson's "Pygmalion study"?
If students are rated by teachers prior to educationg them, the teacher will trreat them differently with altered expectations.
Concerning integration, define: Assimilation
The new students in the school must become the majority or be resgregated.
What conclusions were drawn from the Rist study?
many teachers have lowered expectations for Black and Mexican students, including teachers in those groups.
Define Cultural Pluralism.
A process of compromise characterized by mutual appreciation and respect between two or more groups.
Cultures that have less sense of time, space and rules are referred to as:
High Context Cultures
As long as there is a value placed on an individuals ability to cipher a problem in society, that individual will be valued. This is an example of what?
Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
The American Indian/Alaska Natives are identified as having what dropout rate in 1990?
The laws, customs and practices that systematically reflect and produce racial inequalities in American society are termed as what?
Institutional Racism
What is Lingua Franca?
A common language that holds a society together.
Cultures that have strict confimations to time and space and what is said is more important than who said it refers to:
Low Context Cultures
Who is responsible in the Difference Arguement?..Why?
The school is responsible because of monocultural education. Students may be forced to learn in a different culture than they live in at home.
What is Cultural Assimimilation?
processes in which people of divers ethnic and racial backgrounds come to interact, free of constraints, in the life of the larger community.
Explain the Deficit Arguemant.
The poverty child is failing in school because they are not ready for school. The home is to blame for retarding develoment.
What do the letters W.A.S.P. stand for?
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
According to the 1990 Census, what percent of Hispanics were dropouts?
According to Longstreet, what is Scholastic Ethnicity?
School Culture
Monochronic or "white time" is desribed as what?
process in which things are accomplished one at a time in a linear fashion.
What is meant by the term "social values"?
How an individual or group should or should not behave, or about some end of state of existance worth or not worth attaining.
Polychronic or "black time" can best be described as what?
a process in which schedules are invisible and many events occur at the same time.
What percentage of Human Communication is non-verbal?

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