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San Juan
capital and largest city of Puerto Rico that has waterfront, skyscrappers and a historic section
mixture of Spanish and English spoken by Puerto Ricans in the US
statement of a country's basic laws and values
How many times did Castro try to overthrow the government before he was successful?
3 attempts before Batista fled the country
third largest sugar producer
basis for the Creole dialect
based on both French and African languages
the only nation formed from a successful revolt of enslaved Africans
Description of the Duvaliers' years in power
cruel leaders that stole government funds and used violence to keep power; Haiti became the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
location of Haiti
Western Indies on the island of Hispaniola
a person of mixed ancestory; in Haiti the blend is African, French and West Indian, born in the Caribbean or other parts of the Americas, whose culture has strong French and African influence; a dialect in Haiti spoken by Creoles
What event caused Cuba's economy to weaken?
the collapse of the Soviet Union government
large waterfront area of San Juan packed wuth luxury hotels
What are the problems with farming in Haiti?
the land has been overused with most trees cut down and no topsoil due to the rain; farmers rarely get enough to eat
unable to read or write
characteristics of Cuba
fertile farmland and excellent harbors
an indigenous farming people who lived on the island before the SPanish arrived
What events caused Haiti to become the poorest nation in the region?
Governemnt unrest between the parliament and the new president (Rene Preval) and the 1998 hurricane that left more than 150,000 homeless and destroyed crops.
reasons for Puerto Rico to become independent
Puerto Ricans toi remember their identity , the connection to the other Caribbean nations, always identify with the Spanish language and Spanish culture
Francois Duvalier
called "Papa Doc"; country doctor that became one of Cuba's worst dictators; 1957-1971
Decribe life in Port-au-Prince
blend of rich and poor with the rich living in large houses on the hills; middle class of doctors, lawyers and teachers; poor people live in tiny crumbling concrete houses
factors of the Puerto Rican culture
cultural connection to the Caribbean, mix of Spanish and African ancestry, and US influences
What was Cuba's first independence movement?
a Spanish colony that gained independence when the US defeated Spain in the Spanish-American War in 1898
Fidel Castro
Cuba's communist dictator that led the revolution
birth of Haiti
a French colony to which Europeans brought enslaved Africans to work on sugar cane and coffee plantations
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Haitian leader that helped banish slavery in 1801
reasons why citizens left Cuba
the poor economy with little to eat not enough medicine and clothing; and a desire for freedom from communism
What Castro law bothered Cubans?
Newspapers and books could only print information supporting the government, schools taught communism and people opposing government policy were jailed.
Jose Marti
Cuban that started a newspaper dedicated to Cuban independence at 16 and became famous for his poems and essays. Also led the revolution but died before independence was acheived.
having an economic system in which the government owns all large businesses and most of a country's land
individuals with certain rights and responsibilities under a particular government
Where did Arustide's supporters flee?
Some went to the hills and others used rafts to get to the US.
What was Cuba's economy after their first independence?
Cuba became the richest country in the Caribbean selling sugar to the US and the tourism industry
a person who leaves or is forced to leave his or her homeland for another country
city with large Cuban American community to which many Cubans fled
capital of Haiti
a place that has its own government but has strong ties to another country
rights of Puerto Rico as to the US government
US citizens, do not pay US taxes, cannot vote in presidential elections, have a non-voting representative in the US Congress
ancestry of Puerto Rico
a mix of Spanish and African ancestry and Boricuas
reasons Puerto Rico voted not to become a US state in 1993 and 1998
would have to pay US taxes which would lower their income, would be the poorest state
a version of a language that is spoken in a particular region
What was an improvement during Castro's rule?
The school system was improved and today 95% of Cubans can read and write.
Aristide's original profession
Catholic priest that defended the rights of the poor
Who provided Cuba with money and supplies?
Soviet Union
What caused Cuba's relationship with the US to become tense?
the unfriendly relationship between the US and Soviet Union and the fact that the US welcomed the people fleeing Cuba
size of Cuba
State of Pennsylvania
Jean-Claude Duvalier
called "Baby Doc"; son of Francois Duvalier that became presidentuntil 1986 when forced to leave the country
benefits of the US connection to Puerto Rico
US businesses on island have raised the standard of living and US government sends millions of dollars to people in need
the majority of Haiti's leaders
military leaders
Puerto Ricans
ethnic group that makes up 12% of New York City
Puerto Rican cowhands that hunt, fish, and raise chickens, pigs and cattle
Fulgencio Batista
Cuba's leader in the 1950's that Castro's revolution removed from power
Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Haiti's president that returned to power after a 3 year exile; the first president to be elected democratically
a ruler who has complete power over a country

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