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a per capita tax imposed on non muslim adult males in states ruled by islamic law in order to freely worship
blance of power
a political situation in which no one nation is powerful enough to pose a threat to others
the belive that people should be loyal mainly yo there nation
Marie Antoinette
French Queen and wife of Louis XVI member of the royal family of Austria
Louis XVI
Bourbon King during the French Revolution, beaheaded during the Reign of Terror
follower of Osman
Factory Act of 1819
First factory act in brittian to exert some control over child labor in factory cities
a political state whose people should be loyal mainly
Declaration of Independence
Written by Thomas Jefferson, reflected ideas of John Locke and the Enlightenment
middle class
a social class made up of skilled workers, professionals, buissnesspeople, and wealthy farmers
Old Regime
The social and political system in France consisting of three estates
know as the most succesful warrior (ghazi) built a small muslim stat in anatolia between 1300-1326.
Timur the Lame
named due to an injury by an arrow in the leg
In 1499, at the age of 12, seized most of what is now Iran
a large tomb or building containing tombs
the developement of industries for the machine production of goods
James Watt
Scottish mathematician who designed an effective steam engine
Charles 1
Stuart King of England, beheaded after the English Civil War
habeas corpus
a document requiring that a prisoner be brought before court or judge so that it can be decided whether his or her imprionment is legal
one of the fenced in or hedged-in feilds created by wealthy British landowners
constitutional monarchy
a system of governing in which the ruler's power is limited by law/constitution
william and Mary
King and Queen of England after the Glourious Revolution; ruled under a limited monarchy
Puritan supporters of Parliment, fighting the English Civil War from 1642-1649
separte leagal courts pertaining to personal law under which minorities were allowed to rule themselves
Oliver Cromwell
Puritan general in English Civil War became military dictator in 1653
factors of production
the resources-including land, labor and captial- that are needed to produce goods and services
Glourious Revolution
bloodless overthrow of the English king James II and his replacement by William and Mary
Safavid Empire, a Shi'ite Muslim dynasty that ruled in persia
Mehmed II
also called mehmed the conqueror
the growth of cities and the migrationof people into them
Shah Abbas built this new capital for the Safavid culture
Shah Abbas
Also Known as Abbas the Great, took the throne in 1587 and helped create the Safavid culture
when England restored the monarchy by brining Charles II to the throne
One of the nomads who invaded the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century
Supporters of the San-culottes and extreme radicals who formed the moutian
a european who favored drastic change to extend demoracy
the balkans
the region of southeastern eurpoe now occupied by Greece
concert of Europe
a serise of alliances among European nations in the 19th centuries
Hereditary monarch of Iran
the policy of taking boys from conquered christian peoples to be trained as muslim soldiers
Industrial Revolution
the shift, beginning I Englandduring the 18th century
Petition of Right
document signed by Charles I in 1628, which limited the monarchs power
in the first half of the 19th century a european, mainly wealthy
Bill of Rights
The first ten amendments to the U.S Constituion, which proctect citzens basic rights and freedoms
constantinople (1453 conquest)
conquered by mehmed ll considered the most dramtic feat in ottoman history
a warrior of Islam
Reign of Terror
The period, from mid-1794, whenRobespierre ruled France nearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures
11 year old boy who inherited a kingdom that is now Uzbekistan and Tajikistan
byzantine empire
non muslim religious communities permitted to follow their own religious laws and practices.
a member of an elite force of soldiers in the ottoman empire made up of christian slaves
English Civil War
a conflict, lasting from 1642 to 1649, in which puritian supporters of parliment battled supporters of England's monarchy
Eli Whitney
American incentor who created a machine that removed seeds from cotton
Suleyman the Lawqiver
also known as Suleyman the magnificent
the hereditary right of a moonarch to rule
in the first half of the 19th century a european-mainly wealty landowners
a large building in which nachinery is used to manufacture goods
title for Ottoman rulers during the rise of the Ottoman Empire
member of a nonviolent religious group whose beliefs blend elements of buddhism
Shah Jahan
son of Jahangir, seized throne by assassinating rivals
federal system
A system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and a number of individual states
one who doesnt beleive in a certain religion.
a group of advisors or ministers chosen by the head of a country to help make government decisions
Babur's grandson, Greatest One,
holy alliance
a leauge of European nations formed by the leaders of russia, austria
Checkes and Balances
Measures designed to prevent any one branch of government from dominating the others
crop rotation
the systemof growing a differant crop in a feild each year to preserve the fertility of the land
a person who organizes, manages and takes on the risk of a business
Congress of Vienna
a series of meetings in 1814-1815, during which the European leaders sought to establish long-lasting peace
Alexander II
son of czar nicholas hoped to move Russia towardmodernization and social change
the proccess of forcing Russian culture on all ethical groups in the russia Empire

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