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Spanish Chapter 6 Culture


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La CAtedral de Segovia
highest point in city
El Alcazar de Segovia
fortress that has many passage ways
:A Torre de Hercules
built for a nobleman for protection
El traje del Mozo
traditional outfit
place in spain north of madrid
el acueducto de Segovia
aqueduct which has carried water for nearly 2000 years
Los Acros del acueducto
many blocks of stone with a perfect balance
La reina Isabel la Catolica
funded first voyage of Christopher Columbus
Alfonso VI, The Brave
king who had great political power
Roman Emperor who conquered Segovia
La Iglsesia de Vera Cruz
polygon with 12 sides
Puerta San Andres
Walls of Segovia with 3/5 doors still preserved
Estas Casas Historicas
center, thick walls, stone everywhere. Many apartments and shops
los rios eresma y clamores
segovia is in between these two rivers
los trenes de cercanias
travelers use trains to get from city to city
la sierra de Guadarrama
snow capped peaked mountains that are visible from Segovia
La Casa de La Moneda
considered one of the best examples of architecture and has housed money for nearly 2000 years
different currencies in mint. Mint mark= aqueduct

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