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cultural facts


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What is the language spoken, other than spanish, that is spoken in Mexico?
What does Oaxaca mean?
"place of the gords"
who live in Oaxaca?
What is a perfect place to haggle?
Benito Jarez Mercado
What is a market place in Oaxaca?
Benito Jarez Mercado
What can you buy in a Market place?
Meat, fruit, ceramics
San Bartolo Coyotepec is famous for what?
black ceramics.
San Bartolo Coyotepec is what?
a small but famous town
what do people make the ceramics in?
which language is widly spoken in barcelona?
what does rock con races blend?
traditional elements of flamenco music with eletric guitars and sinthisizers
who is pablo picasso?
he was a well known painter born in Spain
What is a tapa?
an appetizer
what do tapas consist of?
chees, calamari, and olives
what do people generally do when they eat their tapas?
they stand up becasue it is less expensive.
who were the first people to build in barcelona
the romans
what is and old part of barcelona
"Barrio Gortico"
who is Antonio Gaudi
famous catalonian architect

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