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SPA 153 Chapter 5 Grammar and Culture


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uses of para
1) destination

2) purpose

3) deadline

4) comparison
uses of por
1) length of time

2) sale or gratitude

3) transportation and communication

4) cause or reason

5) through, along, by

6) common expressions
uses of subjunctive
desire, hope, command (doubtful situations)
how do you form the subjunctive?
go to the yo, drop the o, add the opposite ending (includes stem changing and irregular yo forms)
subjunctive of dar
dé, des, dé, demos, den
subjunctive of estar
esté, estés, esté, estemos, estén
subjunctive of ir
vaya, vayas, vaya, vayamos, vayan
subjunctive of saber
sepa, sepas, sepa, sepamos, sepan
subjunctive of ser
sea, seas, sea, seamos, sean
Raul Arias de Para
el hombre de negocios, conservacionista y avido observador de pajaros

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