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SPA 153 Ch. 4 Grammar and Cultural


undefined, object
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indirect object pronouns:
me, te, le, nos, os, les
where are they placed in a normal sentence?
before the verb

les traigo las ensaladas ahora mismo
where are they placed in commands?
attached to the end of an affirmative command, before the negative command
uses of the preterite (4)
1) action or state of being during a limited time period

2) beginning or end of time period

3) series of successive actions or events

4) past fact
uses of the imperfect
1) ongoing action of state of being; indefinite end or beginning

2) how life used to be

3) habitual or repetitive actions

4) emotional or mental activity (thinking)

5) conditions or state of being

6) time

7) inturrupted
ordinal numbers one, two, and three
ordinal numbers four five and six
cuarto, quinto, sexto
ordinal numbers seven eight nine ten
séptimo, octavo, noveno, décimo
when are ordinal numbers used?
generally proceed the noun they modify
who is "una cocinera mexican bien conocida de chocolate"
patricia quintana
how many areas of mexican culture?
6, separated by differences in geography, climate, and history.
what type of food is in the central region?
comida mas refinada y complicada
mole poblano
diego rivera
fue activista político,

José Orozco
sus obras reflejan las mismas ideas y actitudes de los otros muralistas; murals a universidades

David Siquieros
el más activo políticamente
Frida Kahlo
es conocida por sus autorretratos

Pensando en Diego
Elena Poniatowska
entre los mejores escritores mexicanos, escribe El recado

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