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7th grade exam

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What things did the Muslims leave behind
MATH, SCIENCE, medicine,
capital of Muslim Spain, an economic center, hundreds of workshops, culture and learning flourished there
Muhammad's life before vision
merchant, married an older woman, was part of a nomad tribe
What is a Republic
A government in which the people elect officials.
flight from Mecca to Medina by Muhammad
What are the five themes of geography
location, place, region, human environment, and movement
Who are the Abbasid and what did they do?
overthrew the Umayyads, moved capital to Baghdad, helped promote the golden age
6 Island Nations
Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dom. Rep, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados
What are the basic differences between the Muslims
one group believes the leader must be related to the prophet and one group believes the leader must live by the prophets example
Muslim Spain -- conquered and controlled until 1492
soldiers paid to fight
What happened in 1054
The church splits orthodox and roman catholic are formed
Trade brought
Jews and Christians that influenced Muhammad
opposing group
Study of human culture and life
Five pillars of Islam
Faith, prayer, Alms, pilgrammage, and fasting
Abd al-Rahman III
eighth emir of muslim spain..built a huge army, calmed all revolts, took control of northern africa
a basic unit of government on the Arabian peninsula
What were the Bedouins
Muslims treated jews and christians with tolerance
true baby --tolerance is important
What was the Golden Age for Jews
Spain during muslim rule allowed jews to develop business and education
great scholar of religion, science, and medicine.
Roman Catholic
Pope is in Charged
South American countries
13 -- Guyana, colombia, brazil, venezuela, argentina, chile, paraguay, uruguay, peru, ecuador, surinam, french guiana
Eight countries of the Middle east
Oman, yemen, saudi Arabia, jordan, iran, iraq, syria, lebanon, israel, qatar, U.A.E.
The year that rome was sack
The Ummayyads create a split in Muslim Communiy
They believed the caliph should always be a relative of the Prophet
Fatimid revolt
A revolt challenging the Abbasid rule...drove them out of Egypt and set up their own capital at Cairo
Seven countries of Central America
Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica
Iberian Peninsula
southwestern tip of Europe; present location of Spain and Portugal
Standing army
fighting force maintained even in times of peace
system of government in which a network of departments and agencies carries out the administrative work
Believe the caliph should be related to Muhammad
Emperor is in charge
built capital of Abbasid in Baghdad
First emperor
Abd al-Malik
seventh century caliph who imposed a common language and currency
Holy city of Islam
Creates constantinople and converts to christianity
Accepted the Ummayyads rule
Omar Khayyan
master of the poetic form called the quatrain, popular in Persia
What six things still exist today from Rome
Architecture, Democracy, Art, Aqueducts, Roads, Military order, citizenship
What was the Umayyad Empire and what great things did they do
Established capital at Damascus, Extended muslim empire into spain, set up a sentral bureaucracy, common language of arabic
Clovis and visigoths
sacked Rome
capital of the Abbasid Empire
wrote a famous medical encyclopedia
seize power in 656
A prayer center or temple for Islam
Roman built waterways used to bring water to the cities from the mountains
Holy teachings of Muhammad
Why was Justinian a great ruler
Three reasons, he build Hagia Sophia, Reconquered former Romans lands in the West, and established the Justinian code
Golden Age
period in which a country or culture is at its peak
Caliphs rule
Muslim empire after Muhammad
Iberian Peninsula
The Middle East
what were the reasons the roman empire fell?
economic differences, social differences, decline in agriculture, military problems, political problems,
Rank the religions
Christians, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhists, and Jews
Charles Martel
defeated the Muslims at Tours and Pointes
Battle of Tours

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