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1986 NJCL Certamen Round A1 Questions


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What was the name of her veil, called so because of its color?
What was the nodus Herculaneus?
The knot with which the woolen band around a brides waist was tied that was later untied by her husband.
From whom did Cicero take the term Phillippics?
What NOMEN was shared by two of Cicero's clients?
Who of Cicero's contemporaries was his arch rival in oratory?
Change FERUNT to singular.
Change FERS to plural.
Change FEREBAR to subjunctive.
What is unusual abou the neuter noun castra?
It is plural in form but singular in meaning.
What is odd about vulgus?
It looks masculine, but is neuter
What is odd about locus?
It is usually masculine when singular but neuter when plural.
Quote in Latin the first line of the Aeneid.
Arma virumque cano Troiae qui primus ab oris.
Quote the first seven words of Caesar's De Bello Gallico.
Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres.
Quote the first sentence of Cicero's first oration against Catiline.
Quo usque tanden abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra?
What public enemy of Rome was the grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather of Roman emperors?
Marc Antony.
What wife of Antony was the mother of the mother of the oldest of Antony's emperor grandchildern?
What three emperors were descended from Antony's and Octavia's daughter Antonia?
Claudius, Caligula, and Nero
What two characters threw golden apples?
Hippomenes (Milanion) and Eris
What two heroes of mythology had to fight against warriors sprung from dragon's teeth?
Jason and Cadmus
Atlanta and Hippomenes (Milanion)offended Aphrodite; how were they punished?
They were turned into lions
What Latin verb is the root of the English noun "parsimony"?
parco, parcere
What Latin verb is the root of the word "alimony"?
alo, alere
What Latin noun is the basic root of "testimony"?
What was the name of a Roman bride's wedding gown?
Tunica Recta
Give Cicero's full name.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Say "we have gone."
iimus (ivimus)
Distinguish between equus and eques.
Equus is a horse whereas eques is a knight or cavalryman
What distinguished Roman was born January 3, 106 BC, near the town of Arpinum?
What is the Latin title of Cicero's essay on old age?
De Senectute
Who wrote The Golden Ass?
Who wrote The Heroides?
Who wrote De Rerum Natura?
What book title might be translated Fabula De Duabis Urbibus?
A Tale of Two Cities
What book is Senex et Mare?
The Old Man and the Sea
What book is Uvae Irae?
The Grapes of Wrath
What is the present participle of eo?
Using eo, say "I will go."
What rhetorical device makes Achilles into Pelides?
What device does Vergil call the Trojan horse instar montis?
Which of Rome's kings disappeared in a storm?
Livy tells us that some Romans didn't believe that Romulus was carried off in a storm. What did they believe of his fate?
They believed that he was killed by some senators.
What is the name of the deified Romulus?
What Latin noun is the root of the English verb "extirpate"?
What is the meaning of the Latin noun at the root of the English verb "eradicate"?
What is the meaning of the Latin noun at the root of the English verb "ncinerate"?
Who stole Heracles' cattle?
Who stole the cattle of his own brother Apollo?
What did Hermes give Apollo to appease him?
The New Lyre
What was the relationship of Hestia, Hera, and Demeter?
Out of Hestia, Hera, and Demeter, which remained a virgin?
What is the term for the combination of the future passive participle and a form of sum?
Passive periphrastic
What does the passive paraphrastic construction show?
Necessity, obligation
Where did Jason go find the Golden Fleece?
Colchis (Aea)
Who brought the Golden Fleece to Colchis?
Who was Phrixus' sister?
Who was Zeus' wife: Hestia, Hera, or Demeter?
Distinguis in meaning between lepus and lupus.
Lepus is a rabbit whereas lupus is a wolf.
Distinguish between cervus and corvus
Cervus is a deer or stag whereas corvus is a crow or raven.
What groups got into a fierce battle at the wedding of Pirithous and Hippodamia?
The Lapiths and Centaurs
At whose wedding did Eris hurl her famous apple?
The wedding of Peleus and Thetis
Give the Latin and the English for R.I.P.
Requiescat in Pace - May He Rest in Peace
Give the Latin and the English for Q.E.D.
Quod Erat Demonstrandum - That which had to be proved
Give the Latin and the English for cf.
Confer - Compare
Who wrote an epic poem on the Roman civil war?
Although it is usually called the Pharsalia, what is the more proper title for Lucan's poem?
Bellum Civile
How many books are in the Bellum Civile?
Translate: ne pugnemus
Let's not fight
Translate to Latin: "I know why you're here."
scio cur adsis/tis
Translate to Latin: "I know why you have come."
scio cur veneris/tis
What is the syntax of O tempora O mores?
Accusative of Exclamation
What is the case of animis in Tantaene animis caelestibus irae?
What king's name has become an English adjective for a victory too costly to be worthwile?
Where was Pyrrhus king?
Where is Epirus?
NW Greece, West of Macedonia
Say "one thousand animals"
mille animalia
Say in Latin: "the same animals."
eadem animalia
What family relationship caused the Myrmidons to fight under Achilles in the Trojan War?
Aeacus, their king, was Achilles' grandfather
What son of Aeacus was Achilles' father?
Who killed Achilles?
Paris (with Apollo's help)
How was the next emperor selected after the assassination of Domitian?
By the senate
Whom did the Senate select to be the new king after the death of Domitian?
What are Nerva and his four successors collectively called?
The Five Good Emperors
What is the present passive infinitive of facio?
What is the Latin for "It will be done"?
What is the Latin for "It has been done"?
factum est
At the wedding feast of Perseus and Andromeda, Andromeda's uncle, her former betrothed, attacked. What was his name?
What was the birthpalce of Apollo and Artemis?
Who was the mother of Apollo and Artemis?
Where was Apollo's most important oracle?
Who is a noverca?
What is the superlative degree of bonus?
Who is a proavus?
Through which parent are you related to your agnati?
Who was the daughter of Helen and Menelaus?
What captive Trojan woman did Pyrrhus cast off because he fell in love with Hermione?
Who also planned to marry Hermione and did kill Pyrrhus?
What early first-century BC conflict pitted Rome against some of her Italian allies?
Social War (or Marsic or Italic)
What tribe was cheif among the rebellious allies?
Who in the Aeneid says: "Nascetur pulchra Troianus origine Caesar imperium Oceano, famam qui terminet astrist"?
Who says: "O fortunati, quorum iam moenia surgunt!"?
Who is the first Trojan to address Dido?
What Roman writer, speaking in awe of his contemporary Vergil, wrote: "Nescio quid maius nascitur Iliade"?
What was Propertius' name for his beloved?
Where was Propertius born?
What character in mythology was turned into a hoopoe?
Who was turned into a woodpecker?
Who became kingfishers?
Ceyx and (H)Alycyone
Where could a Roman go to see a bestiarius?
In what sort of combat would a bestiarius engage?
Combat with beasts
What elected officials were obliged to put on public games?
Whom did Demeter punish with insatiable hunger?
What god had Sisyphus offended?
Who was the father of the centaurs?
Where did Tarquinius Superbus' sons go to learn why a snake had appeared from the foundations of the temple of Jupiter?
The oracle at delphi
Being ambitious men, what else did the sons of Tarquinius Superbus ask the oracle of Delphi after the snake inquery?
Who would be the next Ruler of Rome?
What was the oracle's answer to Tarquinius Superbus' sons question of "Who would rule Rome next?"?
Whoever kissed his mother first
What is the superlative degree of malus?
What is the comparative of bonus?
What was a Roman family's carpentum?
What Roman vehicle included bunks for its passengers?
What was a lectica?
A slave-carried litter
In what speech, made a year after his return from exile, did Cicero make scathing comments on Clodius Pulcher and his sister?
Pro Caelio
This defendant, Caelius Rufus, had what in common with Catullus?
He was an ex-lover of Clodia
Clodia's husband was consul of Rome in what year, the same yaer in which the First Triumvirate was formed?
60 BC

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