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What is oral-sensory?
under 1 year
trust vs. mistrust
learned according to how well parents satisfy oral needs
What is ID?
the part of the unconcscious that motivates behavior - instincts and repressed memories - that demand immediate satisfaction
What is the anal stage?
18 months to 3 years
toilet training age
joy comes from the final release
too harsh - anal retentive
too lax - sloppy, messy, disorganized
What is the Ego?
the part of the personality that is in touch with reality and that balances the unscious demands of id and superego
WHat is the latency stage?
6 - 11 years old
cognitive and social development dominate
confidence building stage
What is repression?
the process of excluding painful memories form the conscious mind
36- 60 years old
generativity vs. stagnation
the adult must think about the kind of world he or seh will leave to the next generation
What is the Superego?
the unconscious aspect of personality that inhibits the demands of id; similar to conscience
What is the phallic stage?
development of gentle sexual urges
development of romantic interest in the opposite sexed parent and hostility toward the same sexed parent
stage in which children experience the Oedipus COmplex and Electra Complex
superego beigns to development
What is free association?
process in which the client says everything that appears in their mind
WHat is latency (Erikson)?
6 - 12 years
industry vs. inferiority
teachers or parents who expect too much or too little interfere with natural ability to work and encourage inferiority
What is Dream analysis and the 3 steps to discovering it?
patients recount dreams step by step
Manifest Content - what's on the surface
Latent Content - the underlying issues
What is muscular-anal?
1 year to 15 months
autonomy vs. shame/doubt
the child who does not develop a sense of self will feel shame and doubt
Name the stages according to Freud
What is the genital/puberty stage?
sexual energy is focused ont he genitals
increased urges
11 - 18 years old
can cause frigidness or sexual promiscuity
What is puberty-adolescence?
12 - 18 years old
identity vs. role confusion
young person must find out who he or she is
What are Erikson's 8 stages?
young adulthood
old age
What is the oral stage?
birth to 1.5 years
pleasures involved in oral manipulation
can cause fixation and repression
What is locomotor-genital?
4 - 5 years
intiative vs. guilt
the child whose parents do not allow natural curiosity to develop will feel guilt over self-motivated interests
young adulthood
19 - 35 years
intimacy vs. isolation
after finding self, the young adult must find someone to share life with. Marriage itself will not bring identity
What is fixation?
can develop from over-stimulation or deprivation
old age
over 60 years
ego integrity vs. despair
unless he or she is satisfied with what was accomplished in life, the individual will want to live it over

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