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Economic and political theory of Karl Marx: 1) human actions and institutions are economically determined, 2)class struggle must create change, 3) capitalism will untimately LOSE
Social Darwinism
The application of ideas about evolution and "survival of the fittest" to human societies - particularly as a justification for their imperialist expansion. ex: American westward expansion and subjugation of Indians
love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it and the doctrine that one's national culture and interests are superior to any other
Triple Entente
An alliance between Great Britain, France and Russia in the years before WWI.
a doctrine that advocates equal rights for women
Triple Alliance
An alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy in the years before WWI.
an economic system based on open competition in a free market, in which individuals and companies own the means of production and operate for profit
economic and political system characterized by the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes
Woodrow Wilson
28th president of the United States, known for World War I leadership, Treaty of Versailles, Sought 14 points post-war plan, League of Nations (but failed to win U.S. ratification), won Nobel Peace Prize
trench warfare
Fighting with trenches, mines, and barbed wire. Horrible living conditions, great slaughter, no gains, stalemate, used in WWI.
Treaty of Versailles
the treaty imposed on Germany by the Allied powers in 1920 after the end of World War I which demanded exorbitant reparations from the Germans; impossible for Germany to pay all debts which led to great anger toward allies by Germany;paved the way for Hitler's rise to power
Berlin Conference
A meeting from 1884-1885 at which representatives of European nations agreed on rules for colonization of Africa , without any African nations' participation
John Hobson
author of Imperialism: A Study
the political, social, economic, and cultural domination of a territory and its people by a foreign power for an extended period of time.
Schlieffen Plan
Attack plan by Germans, lightning quick attack against France. Proposed to go through Belgium then attack France.
Causes of WWI
1)Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, 2)imperialism, 3)nationalism, 4)Alliance System, 5)militarism
any instance of aggressive extension of authority of one country over another
Industrial Revolution
During this rapid period of industrial growth more and more countries adopted mass production. Handmade goods were quickly replaced by machine-goods. Factory laborers replaced craftsmen and home production. Began in Britain.
Franz Ferdinand
Archduke of Austria, killed by a black hand gang member while in a parade, his death was one of the main causes for WWI.
an economic system based on state ownership of capital

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