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Anthropology Final Exam 2


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Shape shifting familiar that eats children, livestock, etc. Embodies commerce, produces items by manipulating forces around him.
Family sponsered celebrations in Oaxacan migrate communities. Much of the money to fund these is earned in the United States by variosu migrant workers and then pooled.
The Pantanal
wetland area in Brazil where the Bakairi live
The Hidrovia
government sponsered development program in the pantanal. It would put a large shipping lane in it
idea that for a social theory to be valid it must be grounded in social reality. Promoted by many Grassroots Support Orginizations
exchanging knowledge and ideas
Places exploited for their resources by core nations. Amazon for example
increased production with decreased cost will improve things more than consumer purchasing power.
send money back home, sex workers
Cargos and committies
in the migrant communities, each adult is expected to serve on carogs and committies every 5 years to help out comunity. Money made in the US also helps pay for the c&cs and ritual life
economic deregulation
together with other factors, hurts local culture. Was blamed on devils and the "witch doctor" was hired to take care of it
Full robes that some Moslem women wear when they leave their houses to maintain purduh
landowner (usually families)
“Category” of people based on how their society is set up. They realize that they live in a nation-state, depend on the land, few social relationships, only use market economy when they are sure that they can feed themselves.
Small Farmer
“Category” of people based on how their society is set up. Have more participation in market economy than peasants and have more interactions with people outside their community and more resources than peasants
label put on by outsiders, lumps various differing groups into one category. It also carries the expectations of the “Romantic Indian Figure” which can cause problems. Specific items of culture emphasized while others downplayed.
kura/kura ipa
The words the Bakairi used to make the distinction between humans and animals. Kura = human. Kura ipa = animal
A Kura (human) who is a nonindian. A distinction made by the Bakairi.
conscience raising. Picchi talks about Bakairi who have left the reservation and gotten an education having a “moment of Conscientizacao” in which they realize that they feel obligated to help further the causes of the Bakairi.
Leonard Howell
founding father of Rastafarianism. Established Pinnacle
Dung Hill
First Rasta settlement. Remained Addis Ababa by the Rastas, after the Ethiopian capital
commune set up by Howel as a safe haven for Rastas after the Nazis took over.
Crude birth rate
number o fbabies born in village annually per thousand
Age specific fertility rate
reproductive rate of women in specific age groups during the previous year
Total Fertility Rate
Number of children women typically have in their lives based on the previous years data.
Lifetime fertility rate
How many children women have in their lives based on multiple years of data
Crude death rate
deathe in village annually per thousand
Hutu and Tutsi
two ethnic groups in Rwanda. They organized political parties based on ethnicity and, eventually, the Hutus implemented a genocide against the Tutsi.
nongovernmental organization

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