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imperial china


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Han dynasty
a golden age of prosperity in china
Tang Dynasty
buddism spreads from india to china
song dynasty
agricultural improvements food production allowing for growth in areas other then farming such as trade and commerce
merit based exams begin
during the song dynasty people of all classes become scholar officials through a merit based civil service exam... based on the works of Confucius
gun powder invented
allowed for greater invention later in time such as grenades artillery and bombs
moveable type invented
lowered the cost of printing and makes written materials more widely available
yuan dynasty
mongols establish this dynasty and greatly favor foreigners to fill important government positions
paper making spreads to europe
after over 1000 years the art of paper making finally spread to europe. paper then becomes crucial for recording and transmitting information.
Zheng He
had 7 maritime voyages display chinas power in ganging tributaries and expanding over the ming dynasty
marco polo
travels through europe as a guest of the mongol emperor kublia khan+ a book about his travels becomes a best seller in europe
ming dynasty
mongol rule ends and the ming dynasty is established. the ming dynasty built the forbidden city
Tang Taizong
the man who restored china to its glory he was a distinguished general
wu zhao
at the age of 13 the beautiful wu zhao arrived at the court of tang tazing to become one of the emperors secondary wives
compass, smallpox vaccine paper money clock rocket moveable type canal lock porcilain gun powder tea and a paddle boat
completed conquest of northern china and korea
mongols as rulers
while ferocious in war.. they were tolerant in peace
mongol peace
imposed stability and law
kublai khan
found the yuan dynasty , united china , extended rule twice sent 150,000 worriers to japan
mogols and the chinese
mongols kept the chinese out of government thought forgieners were trustworthy restred grand canal and extended it 135 miles
foreign trade
increased under kublia khan made caravans routes across central asia carried chinese products and inventions
marco polo at the mongol court
venitian trader/ traveled by caravan was captured and imprisoned khan sent him on government missions
the end of the mongol rule
yuan dynasty was overthrown kk died then dynasty began to fade rebelions start to brake out in 1300
decline of the mongol rule
golden horde rules russia for 250 years japs embraced influence of an outside culture last khanate fell in 1480
used in agriculture for rice patties
terrace farming
saved space allowed more people to farm and grow their own food
harvested crops 2 times per year
made them drought resistant
growth + urbanization
woman didnt work big growth in population
western steppe
dramatic weather changes more people in the west steppe then in the south trades with horses
upper class people attained status
pastoralist lifestyle
portable tests warefare

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