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us hist ch. 29


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"The War on Poverty"
Slogan during LBJ; for grouping together the major social welfare goals of LBJ administration
23rd Amendment 1961
Allow voters in Washington, DC to participate in presidential elections
Alliance for Progress program 1961
Done by Kenney in hopes of stemming communist expanision in Latin America; provided funds for economic development: imporvements in schools, trasnportation, housing, and public health. Mixed results.
Baker v. Carr 1962
Supreme Court says that federal courts have power over cases in which state apportionment formulas were being challenged
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Designed to coordinate federal invovlement with housing improvements and urban development projects; LBJ's office term
Elementary and Secondary Education Act 1965
PRivded federal aid of over one billion dollars to school districts; during LBJ office term
Engel v. Vitale 1962
Reading of a nonsectarian prayer in a public school violates the 1st Amendment
Escobedo v. Illinios 1964
Person charged ith a crime has the right to be told he can have a lawyer prior to being questioned
Gideon v. Wainright 1963
Person who can't afford a lawyer has the right to have the state furnish him with one in a criminal case
Key measure of the War on Poverty:
Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 = created the OEO (Office of Economic Opportunity) = establish job and work training classes and provide loans to small businesses that hired the unemployed
Lee Harvey Oswlad
Arrested for murder of Pres. Kennedy
Mapp v. Ohio 1961
Any evidence unreasonably acquired by the police cannot be admitted as evidence in a trail. Also caled "the exclusionary rule"
Miranda v. Arizona 1966
Police must inform a person accused of a crime of his right to remain silent, as well as any other rights, prior to any questioning
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 1963
US and USSR agree to stop nuclear testing in the atmosphere, in space, and underwater.
President after Kennedy was assasinated:
Lyndon B. Johnson
Promised to make America a "Great Society"
LBJ (very successful)
The Immigration ACt of 1965
Ended quotas based on national origin
The main domestic concern of the Kennedy administration:
Civil Rights movement
The Peace Corps 1961
Designed to send US civilian volunteers to developing nations
The single most crucial foreign policy challenge to the LBJ administration ersted with the escalating violence in:
Vietnam. Failed attempts influence LBJ not to seek re-election in 1968
This president established Medicare and Medicaid during his time

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