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wonder and awe
it helps you see gods beauty and his prescnce in our lives
what nourishes us to strive to build community?
The four main parts of the mass
Introductory rites, liturgy of the word, liturgy of the eucharist,concluding rites
balsam and oil; used in baprtism confirmation and holy orders; seals you
a change or transition
who betrayed jesus for 30 pieces of silver?
taking care of Gods creations in the world
what is the kind of messiah the book of isaiah describes
a suffering servant
jesus rose from the dead
what does the catholic church teach about the divine soul?
God created humans in gods image, humans have an immortal soul that cannot be created by human means, from conception all human life is sacred and should not be manipulated or controlled scientifically, procreation and sexual activity should only occur in marriage
to do something out of a deep love and desire
why were some people surprised and afraid when they saw and heard that jesus was raised from the dead?
they thought it was the end of the world had arrived
what are the two theological tasks of the early church?
1st- gather all the stories and teachings to create a document for future generations. 2nd- for christians to come to some kind of agreement regarding relationship b/t christianity and jewish religious customs and laws
what is the common thread in church history?
Gods grace, our faith and friendshp with jesus
jesus was nailed to the cross
what do catholics believe about God?
there is only one god, there are three persons in one god, god crated the universe, god made humans in his image
when is the apostles creed said?
greek word meaning gift/talent
celebrated 40 days after eater; when the holy spirit came to mary and the apostles in the form of fire and wind
old testament/hebrew scriptures
46 inspired books that are about the covenant god made with his chosen people, the israelites
the gifts of the holy spirit
event in which jesus revealed his divine glory to the apostles
it helps you to see the long term effects of a situation
all people and religious not ordained
God who is present, being in the world
what were the first books written in the new testament?
epitles or letters
ask for gods help or guidance
Council of Jesusalem
called to settle debate about whether gentile christians should follow jewish laws/customs. met in 49 CE and decided no they did not. this meant that gentile christians would become full members of the christian community. it is significant because it established process church still used today to resolve questions concerning church doctrine
what is the crime that jesus was accused of?
what does the title jesus the son of god express? what part of the trinity is it related to?
second person of the trinity;
what are the four main parts of the sacrament of reconcilliation?
St. thomas aquinas
greatest doctor of the church, wrote the summa theologica
what is the greatest commandment that jesus teaches us?
love one another as i have loved you
christian scriptures/ how many books?
new testament, all that jesus taught the first christians, 27 books
we express sorrow for sins
a calling out or a calling forward
social sin
results from the effects our individual sins have on a community
prayers we express our love for God
Ten Commandments
the ten fundamental moral laws given by God to his people and recorded in the old testament
showing respect towards god,ourselves,and others
jesus' body and blood
where in the bible do we learn about jesus?
the gospels
what are the two main parts of the ordo?
sunday and weekday readings
god who is beyond and independent of creation;permanent god
sign or wonder attributed to the direct intervention of God
how does the holy spirit help us in our lives?
it helps us to make good moral decisons when we are not sure what to do. the holy spirit leads us towards good.
objects, actions or prayers that bring the awarness of god
belief in one god
St. Augustine
early african bishop who wrote about faith
how many gospels contain accounts of the passion and death of jesus?
what are the sacraments that convey gods forgiveness?
reconcilliation and anointing of the sick
descriptions of the holy spirit
Gods word-a collection of 73 inspired books
synoptic gospels
matthew, mark, and luke
right judgement
makind decisions that will lead you down the right path in life
where do we find the ten commandments in the bible?
the old testament
what is a summary of the nicene creed?
short summary of the catholic faith
what are the types of miracles jesus performed?
healing, nature, exorcism, raising of the dead
letter of the law
what the law actually says
when jesus's body and soul was taken to heaven by god
who is st. stephen? how did he die?
the first martyr, and was stoned to death
title that means annointed one or messiah
when jesus saved us from sin and death
the biggest mystery of the church, three persons in one God
when is the nicene creed said?
every sunday mass
standing up for what you believe in
jesus is both human and devine
inner voice helps us know right from wrong
clean;take away sin
crime against your own religion
Church's calendar of scripture readings for mass
Apostles Creed
Statement or belief dating from the first decades of the church
spirit of the law
the part of the law that jesus believes in
the fruits of the holy spirit
love,joy,peace,patience,kindness,goodness,self control,faithfulness,gentelness,charity,generosity,modesty,chastity
why do humans suffer and die?
no one knows
it helps you to see others as god wants you to
mary was taken body and soul into heaven at the end of her life
what nationality was jesus born into, and who is he said to be the descendant of?
nazarean, king david
what is a summary of the apostles creed?
all that the apostles taught the first christians
bread and wine become body and blood of christ
exists because ppl have a common belief/purpose
sincere sorry for sins commited
jewish holiday celebrating the escape from egypts slavery
revealing, showing or manifestation. ex: the visit to the magi to the holy family
belief in more than one god
what are the events of the paschal mystery?
jesus' passion, death, ressurection and ascension
outwars sign given to us by jesus to give us grace
theological virtues
what is another term for the second coming of jesus?
symbols of the holy spirit
sanctifying grace
divine life in us that connect us to god in friendship and grow in holiness
original sin
everyone is born with it; it is cured through the sacrament of baptism
unite with jesus
mortal sin
a serious sin that if unrepented results in eternal separation from god.
non jew
st. angela
formed the ursuline nuns, lived in a community not a convent, the sisters worked normal jobs
# of creation stories found in genesis
Nicene Creed
statement of belief formulated by church leaders at a council in A.D. 325
kingdom of god
gods reign of justice, love and peace
immaculate conception
mary was concieved without original sin
express gratitude for gods gifts
the four ways humans come to know God
nature, ourselves, others, history
when was the apostles creed written?
the first decades of the church
conversation or dialouge with God
capital sins
what is the significance of the nicene creed?
it focuses on the divinity of jesus
free will
the human ability to make decisions
how many books in hebrew scriptures?
knowing helps us grow closer to god
church history is similar to a patchwork quilt because...
1. each patch in quilt is different and unique 2. each quilt patch contributes to the whole picture of the quilt, just like each period of ch contributes to the whole churchs history. 3. each quilt patch is connected by a common thread, for christians our common thread is that our beliefs are the same as out christian ancestors
solemn promise or agreement between two parties
before common era/common era
what is the intention of the book of genesis?
the author did not intend to write historical or scientifical facts
Who officially outlawed Christianity? Why?
emperor nero because people were not worshiping him because it was against their religion
new testament
27 inspired books that are about the new covenant god made with poeple through jesus
persecuted Christians, his named changed to Paul after he converted to christianity and was being persecuted himself
sacrament of new life in god
when was the nicene creed written?
council of nicaea in CE 325
Who first persecuted christians? why?
the jews because they thought the christians were a threat to their religion
an offense against reason, truth, right conscience and God
who do catholics have a duty to build community with?
sacrament that celebrates faithful love
can you be a christian and still accept the theory of evolution?
yess, as long as you believe God put things here first and things evolved from them
venial sin
a sin that weakens, does not destroy ones relationship with God
the good news that jesus taught; each person is importanat and loved by god
actual grace
help from god that assists us in doing good and avoiding evin in specific situations; anytime H.S. helps us

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