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jap lit


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wrote mulberry child
minakami tsutomu
who was a poet and wrote free verse
tanikawa shuntaro
whos poems are about passion and curiosity
tanikawa shuntaro
who entered a poetry contest to get outta college
tanikawa shuntaro
who translated peanuts and mother goose ryhmes into jap
tanikawa shuntaro
who wrote modern tanka and made it famous
tawara machi
who was born on dec 31, parents wanted to regiter on jap 1 but it was the year of the tiger whcih was considered weak
tawara machi
who wrote villon's wife
dazai osamu
charcters in villon's wife
mr and mrs otani
who lived in poverty, sometimes homeless
hayashi fumiko
who died of a heartattack
hayashi fumiko
what did hayashi fumiko write
diff kinna drifting cloud, tokyo
characters in tokyo
ryo and tsuruishi
characters in the monastery
i, you, k
kanagaki Robun
beef eater
who's most well-known writer in japan and sickly child of autointoxification
mishima yukio
who had shield society to protect the emporor
mishima yukio
who was fascinated with death and beauty
mishima yukio
what did mishima write
omi and the tetralogy sea of fertility
who wrote woman in the dunes
abe kobo
who was known as a man w/o a hometown and known as the international aitheor b/c he doesnt attach self to newhere
abe kobo
who was influenced by kafka (metamorphisi, dreams, irrational, surreal)
abe kobo
who believed in existentialism
abe kobo
what is existentialism
life is absurd, doesn't make sense
who was censored by gon't for being anti-war
ishikawa jun
who was a detached observer of life and belong to the decadence school..also very non jap
ishikawa jun
who satirzed I novels, and narrators are half serious and half comic
ishikawa jun
who wrote moon gems (I and a lil girl)
ishikawa jun
tsuboshi shoyo
essence of the novel
who taught english then war was declared against it and also drafted into military
kojima nobuo
who wrote stars
kojima nobuo
who wrote paraodies of jap lit, futuristic sci-fi, erotica, ghosts
kurahashi yumiko
first modern jap novel
the drifting cloud
hattori busho
western peep show
characters in stars
hikida (lower man), capt inoma, pri. sugihara
surrealistic, doesn't believe in who, what, wen, where, why in novels, believes in building castles in the sky
kurahashi yumiko
who studied in US for one year and swtched from surrealistic to realistic
kurahashi yumiko
who believes in "the point of writing is to exercise on'es imagination"
kurahashi yumiko
who wrote the monastery
kurahashi yumiko
characters in mulberry child
tarokichi (new boy), yasuke (mulberry chiuld), shozaemon (old man)
who suffered from eye disease, poor, and had a handicapped child
minakami tsutomu
who was sent to a zen temple to be a priest, ran away, but brought back and sent to another temple
minakami tsutomu
who started writing after caughing up blood
minakami tsutomu
who was drafted and released to the military
minakami tsutomu
who wrote a lot of mystery novels
minakami tsutomu
who was a catholic convert and Christian writer
endo shusaku
what was hospitalized for lung surgery
endo shusaku
who wrote the day before
endo shusaku
charcetrs in the day before
togoro the traitor, mr fukae
who was brought up with old customs and forced to make military uniforms
kono taeko
whose stories show dark human behavior
kono taeko
who writes about women protagonists who are lonely and who mellows out later
kono taeko
who wrote iron fish
kono taeko
characters in firefly hunt
yukiko (traditional/but plays piano), taiko (westernized/but good with traditional jap dancing)
meiji, taisho, showa, heisei
1868-1912, 1912-1926, 1926-1989, 1989-present
light hearted, not serious, gov't figured not educational
gessaku lit
drifting cloud characters
bunzo, noboru, osei, chokichi
dont have to teach, art for art's sake, kanzen choaku: chastize bad encourage good <--dont worry bout this theory
essence of the novel
futabatei shimei
drifting cloud
first female novelist
higuchi ichio
what did higuchi ichio write
growing up
characters in growing up
midori (grows up to be geisha), shota (pawnbrokers son), nobu (young priest)
why did higuchi ichio write?
she wrote cuz she was poor and it helped her to survive
bungakkai founded by who
kitayama tokoku
what did izumi kyoka write
the tale of 3 who were blind
what did shimazaki toson write
the broken commandment
what did takayama katai write
old soldier
what did kunikida doppo write
old gen
main character in the broken commandment
what did natsuke soseki write
botchan and kokoro
characters in old gen
kishu and gen
naturalism resulted in what kind of novels
"I" novels
who didnt get along with his father
shiga naoya
who was adopted (not happy life), went to england but didnt like it there, went into depression
natsume soseki
lived a good life, became a dr, lived in germany but didnt suffer like soseki, studied public hygiene, appted as medical office in army
mori ogai
founded vita sexualis
mori ogai
what is vita sexualis
parody of naturalist lit
what did mori ogai write
maihime and gan
characters in maihime
narrator and elis
charcters in gan
otama and suezo
against naturalism and died of TB
mori ogai
leader of myojo
yosano tekkan
believed humans were good, all upper class kids, against naturalism
white birch society
who was in the white birch society
shiga naoya
what did shiga naoya write
han's crime and at kinosuke
what did ishikawa takuboku write
romaji diary
what did nagai kafu write
the river sumida
characters in river sumida
ragetsu (uncle), otoyo (mom), chokichi, oito
who was a loner and died alone
nagai kafu
who's mother was insane and was afraid to be too
akutagawa ryonosuke
who wrote hell screen
akutagawa ryonosuke
main character in hell screen
who combines grotesque and humor
akutagawa ryonosuke
rashomon based on who's story
akutagawa ryonosuke
what did kikuchi kan write
madman on the roof
characters in madman on the roof
yoshitaro (madman), suejiro (younger bro)
who founded the akutagawa prize and considered tycoon of lit world
kikuchi kan
prolit lit: arishima takeo belonged to what school
what did kobayshi takiji write
the cannery boat
2 writers of neo sensualism
kawabata yasunari and yokomitsu riichi
middle-class upbringing, disliked naturalism, strived for modernism
yokomitsu riichi
what did yokomitsu riichi write
who was the FIRST nobel prize winner
kawabata yasunari
what did kawabata write
the moon on the water, snow country, and the mole
characters in the mole
characters in snow country
shimamura, komako, and yoko
who commited suicide with drugs and gas
kawabata yasunari
5 reasons for kawabatas death
1. ill health
2. didn't like how japan came westernized
3. didnt wanna get old and ugly
4. didn't get over mishima's suicide
5. overwhelmed from winning nobel
who idolized his mother
tanizaki junichiro
became infatuated with traditional japanese
tanizaki junichiro
2 types of women in tanizaki junichiro's writing
1. westernized = cruel
2. traditional = doll-like
what book talked about the sense of foulness
the mother of capt shigemoto
what did tanizaki junichiro write
the mother of capt shigemoto and the firefly hunt from the makioka sisters
who attempted suicide 5 times and came from a rich family
dazai osamu
what groups did tawara machi join
new human species and kokoro no hana
who was an existentialist and left wing
oe kenzaburo
what were the 2 events that changed oe kenzaburo's life
1. birth of son hikari
2. visit to hiroshiman and talked to doctor
who wrote a personal matter
oe kenzaburo
who was offerend the bunka kunsho prize from the emporer but declicned it
oe kenzaburo
who gave a lecture called "japan, the amiguous, and myself"
oe kenzaburo
who was the daughter of dazai osamu
tsushima yuko
whose themes are absence of fathers and is a feminist writer
tsushima yuko
who lost son by mistake
tsushima yuko
whose older brother is mentally retarded
tsushima yuko
who wrote the silent traders
tsushima yuko
characters in silent traders
a woman, her kids, the kids father
who was a poor, illegit burakumin
nakagami kenji
who gave a lecture in germany "am i japanese" b/c hes anti-japanese
nakagami kenji
who blends reality with fantasy; disturbingly graphic of people in the ghetto
nakagami kenji
who was the terrible child of jap lit b/c he writes for the benefit of the eta class
nakagami kenji
who was the rival of tsushima yukio
nakagami kenji
who wrote grave of the fireflies
nosaka akiyuki
charcters of grave of the fireflies
seita and setsuko
who challenged the censorship laws
nosaka akiyuki
who was adopted and wrote commercial songs and drama scripts
nosaka akiyuki
who was adopted and returned to father and had a good life after that
nosaka akiyuki

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