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Constitution: Articles 3-7


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The number of witnesses necessary to convict someone of treason
To become part of the Constitution, an amendment must be proposed by what fraction of state legislatures?
2/3 of both houses of Congress
To become part of the Constituion, an amendment must be ratified or approved by what fraction of all the state legislatures?
3/4 of the state legislatures
The title of the head judge on the Supreme Court
Chief Justice
The number of circuit courts
the number of federal district courts
The jurisdiction court has when it reveiws a case for the first time is called
appellate jurisdiction
what vote is necessary for a decision on the Supreme Court
simple majority (at least 5 to 4)
the steps for amending the constitution are contained in which article?
article V (5)
what are the 2 steps for amending the constitution are
propose and ratify
criminal trials are usually heard in which court
district courts
who makes the decisions in this court?
a jury of 12 people
the power to nominate federal judges is given to whom?
the president
the number of articles in the original constituion is?
a less serious crime punished by a short jail sentance or fine is called?
a court order requiring the appearance of a witness in court is called
the location of the full faith and credit clause is Article...
Article IV (4)
the legal term for going broke is...
the article that that gives the instructions on how to ratify the constitution is...
article VII (7)
the article which explains that no government or public official shall have a religious test?
article VI (6)
what article in the constitution explains the relationship between the states in the union?
article IV (4)
what decision is necessary to reach a verdict in a district court?
unanimous, or 12-0
after much deliberation and the jury cannot reach a decision the judje may call a
hung jury
when someone is found guilty of treason, his family cannot be punished; this is called?
no corruption of blood
when a suspect is brought back to the state where a crime was committed, this is called?
in article VI what phrase makes it certain that all federal laws will take precedence over state laws?
the constituion is the supreme law of the land
wo steps to become a federal judge are?
appointed by the president, and confirmed by the senate

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