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Lab crap test


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What do you use to sterilize a millipore filter?
heat labile solutions
what sterilizer do you use for plastic syringes and petri plates?
ETO (Gamma radiation- Cobalt 60)
What is the name of our lab disinfectant?
vesphine 2
what treatment do you use for genital herpes? HSV-1? (mouth)
GH- Famvir
HSV-1 Zovirax
What is the dark precipitate on a TSI agar?
iron sulfide
Tell whether these organisms are Indole Positive + or Negative -:

EC: +
PV: +
EA: -
PM: -
What is the organism that we are attempting to isolate through the hair-baiting technique?
Chromobacterium violaceum
At what temperature and pressure and time does autoclave work best?
i have no idea...i can't find the flippin worksheet.
Name the two anti-microbials materials on this Band-Aid
Polymyaxin B sulfate and Vacitracin zinc
What is their mode of action?
germ fighting antibiotic ointment
What anti-microbials are included in Mycitracin/Triple-antibiotic infection fighter?
Vacitracin, Zinc, Polymyxin B Sulfate, Neomycin Sulfate
Mycitracin is used against what types of infections?
Famvir and Acyclovir is good against what virus?
Herpes, HSV 2
Is Herpes, HSV 2 a DNA or RNA virus?
study the penicillins and the generations of cephlosporins
name the anti-M that is used to treat CA
what does polyvalent mean?
Acting against or interacting with more than one kind of antigen, antibody, toxin, or microorganism.

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