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Pressure and Wind


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a form of energy that flows between objects of differing temperatures
sensible heat
the heat we can feel and measure with a thermometer
latent heat
the energy absorbed or released during a change in state
Principle temperature control
latitude, altitude, and continentality
the effect of the distance from the ocean on the climate
specific heat
amount of heat required to increase the temperature of water
permitting the free passage of electromagnetic radiation
moderate temperatures
continental areas
more extreme temperatures
Line is temperature, bars are precipitation.
atmospheric circulation
transportation of matter and energy
levels of atmospheric circulation
primary: large scale global circulation trends secondary: migrating high and low pressure systems Tertiary: local winds and weather
wind basics
horizontal motion of air
Winds coming from the west is?
westerlies winds
Winds coming from the east?
Easterly winds
pressure gradient force
areas of higher or lower barometric pressure cause winds
coriolois force
deflects wind from a straight path in relation to earth's rotating surface
friction force
drags on wind as it moves across the surface
lateral differences in air pressure is caused by
differences in temperature and dynamic atmospheric forces
A line connecting two points of equal pressure.
what causes air current?
high pressure areas you see DESCENDING AIR and in low areas you see ASCENDING air
geostrophic winds
a wind moving between areas of different pressure along a path that is parallel to the isobars.
low pressure counterclockwise
high pressure clockwise
tropical cyclones
huge rotating masses of low pressure characterized by strong wonds and torrential rain
land breeze
the flow of air from land to a body of water
sea breeze
a cooling breeze from the sea (during the daytime)
asian monsoon
A seasonal reversal of winds; a general onshore movement in summer and a general offshore flow in winter, with a very distinctive season precipitation regime.

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