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Weather Unit

7th grade science weather unit with mrs. george


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air masses
large body of air with the same temperature and humidity throughout; high pressure in center; low on edges
layers of smooth, even sheets, form at low altitudes
boundry between two air masses dependant on density and speed of masses
counter clockwise
in which direction do lows spin?
true or false: clouds are made of water vapor sticking to dust particles in the air
a measure of the average vibration of the molecules in a substance
occluded front
rarest front; cold front catches up and overtakes warm front lifting it off the ground
global winds
patterns of winds around the world caused by pressure differences
solid to liquid
melting point
jet stream
narrow high speed, high pressure bands of wind caused by temperature differences of polar and eqaulator masses
how compact the molecules are in a substance; how much space something takes up
wind vanes
measures direction of the wind
mountain breeze
cool air from mountians going down to valley durring the night
local winds
daily or seasonal winds
true or false: the water supply on earth is always changing
air pressure
the force of the weight of air over a prescribed area
in which direction do highs spin?
uneven heating
what causes differences in air pressure?
where is the area of high pressure during the land breeze?
when water vapor changes into liquid water
stationary front
fromt that does not move for some time; how long stationary depends on stability; ends up acting like a warm front
fibrous or curly clouds, high thin, white and feathery
water running back to Earth as rain, snow, sleet or hail
true or false: only water molecules evaporate, leaving behind pollution, salts, etc.
high pressure
high or low pressure:air RISES
the process of liquid water changing into water vapor due to increased energy; molecule vibrate faster
prediction about future weather
water cycle
the process by which water is recycled
the water below the earth's surface
where is the area of high pressure during the sea breeze?
surface map
station models of all the weather stations
the process by which animals release water vapor into the air when they breathe
continetal (c)
dry winds coming from land masses
radiant energy
includes energy traveling in rays; type of energy given off by the sun
valley breeze
cool air moving from valley to mountians during the day
sea breeze
cool breeze during the day coming from sea
true or false: air always moves from low to high pressure
process by which heat is moved by a carrier due to density differences
low pressure
high or low pressure: high vibration
heat energy moves from one object to the next due to DIRECT CONTACT
where they come from
winds are named based on what?
liquid to solid
freezing point
areas with lower air pressure than surrounding areas; valleys of air
polar (p)
clod air masses coming from the polar regions
where is the area of low pressure during the land breeze?
high pressure
high or low pressure: low vibration
land breeze
cool air from land during the night
the process of water on the surface of the earth flowing downslope to larger bodies
areas of higher pressure than areas around it; peaks of air
heat moving in waves with no atoms or molecules present
solid to gas
measure speed of wind
high pressure
high or low pressure: low density
maritime (m)
moist winds coming from oceans or other bodies of water
gas to solid
source region
regions where air masses form
false- wind direction
forecasts are based on wind speed, air pressure, and cloud cover
moving air caused by differences in air pressure
4 millibars
there is a difference of __ _______ between each isobar
masses of puffy, whit e clouds with flat bases
low pressure
high or low pressure: high density
Bernoulli's Principle
principle that states, as velocity increases pressure decreases
liquid to gas
boiling point or evaporation
coriolis effect
chang in direction of the wind caused by spin of earth
station model
group of symbols describing data collected at a particular station
the process by which plants release water vapor into the air through their leaves
tropical (t)
warm air masses coming from the equator
cold front
when cold air replaces a warm air mass; takes shortish time
warm fromt
when warmer air moves over a cold air mass; takes a long time
gas or vapor to liquid
cooling point or condensation
Beufort Scale
chart showing speed of wind based on wind effects
Pascal (Pa)
unit for pressure
true or false: the higher the temp the farther the molecules space apart
true or false: the water is always balanced
low pressure
high or low pressure: air SINKS
is it warm or cold during a mountian breeze?
weather maps
maps providing overall picture of weather activity across Earth collected from weather stations
lines that connect places of equal temperature
instrament used to mesure air pressure
lines on a weather map connecting areas of equal air pressure

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