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molten rock from a volcano flowing onto the earths surface
2 types of igneous rocks
intrusive rocks and extrusive rocks
intrusive igneous rocks
rock that forms below earths surface (they are found on earths surface when forces in the earth push them up or when rock and soil covering them are removed)
3 types of rocks
igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic
extrusive igneous rocks
rocks formed when lava cools oin or near earths surface (have a fine-grained texture. Do not have time to arange into large crystals)
a naturally occuring inorganic solid with a definite structure and compositiion
a mixture of minerals, mineraloids, glass, or organic matter
hot, melted rock material beneath earths surface
when atoms of a sentence are not arranged in a definite structure
igneous rocks
formed when molten material from volcano or from deep inside the earth cools
when substances are mixed together but each retains its properties
rock formation processes
weathering, erosion, compaction and cementation, melting and cooling, and heat and pressure
5 things minerals have in common
all minerals are formed by natural processes, minerals are inorganic, minerals are solids, every mineral is an element or compound with a chemical composition unique to that mineral, and the atoms in a mineral are arranged in a pattern that is repeated over and over again

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