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describes magma or igneous rock the is rich in magnetism and iron and that is generally dark in color.
Intrusive Igneous Rocks
rock formed from the cooling and solidification of magma beneath Earth's Surface.
Metamorphic rocks
The rock that forms when existing rock is altered.
is a vent through which magma is exspelled
the process in which minerals precipitate into pore spaces between sediment grains and bind sediments together from rock
When magma flows between the layers of rock and hardens
When magma solidifies
Rocks, mineral crystals and organic matter that have been broken into fragments that are known as sediment.
Bowen's Reaction Series
the simplified pattern that illustrates the order in which minerals crystallize from cooling magma according to their chemical composition and melting point
the process in which the volume and porosity of a sediment Is decreased by
Rock Cycle
The series of processes in which rock forms, changes from one type to another, is destroyed, and forms again by geological processes.
From when Magma intrudes, or enters, into other rock masses and then cools deep inside Earth's crust.
igneous rocks
Means "from fire" It forms when magma or molten rock cools and hardens, Magma is called lava when it is exposed at Earth's surface.
Chemical Stability
is a measure of the tendency of a chemical compound to maintain its original chemical composition rather than break down on it's own.
sedimentary rock
When sediment deposits are compressed or cemented together and harden.
Partial melting
the process by which different minerals in rock melt at different temperatures
Extrusive Igneous Rock
rock that forms from the cooling and solidification of lava at Earth's surface.
described magma or igneous rich that is rich in feldspar and silica and that is generally light in color.
are intrusion formations that spread over at least 100 km2 when they are exposed on Earth's surface
the base if the intrusion is parallel to the rock layer beneath it

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