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Geology, Landforms, and Earthquakes Test Review

Mrs. Grantham
Batesville Junior High
Seventh Grade Science


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Strike-slip faults are caused by ____ forces.
Subduction takes place at a ____________ plate boundary.
it is formed by a hot spot melting though the Pacific Plate
The Hawaiian Islands are formed from a series of volcanoes. The next Hawaiian island, Loihi, is already 3,000 meters above the ocean floor, although it is still nearly 1,000 meters below the surface of the ocean. What tectonic plate feature is forming the new island of Loihi?
Earth spins on its axis, and one rotation takes about one ____.
____ causes Earth to have day and night.
Which type of plate boundary caused the formation of the Soufrière Hills volcano?
The modified Mercalli scale measures the ____ of an earthquake.
The warm, partly melted layer that carries the tectonic plates is the ___________.
ice wedging
_____ is when the temperature drops below the freezing point and water in cracks turns to ice. The water expands as it freezes, pushing apart the walls of the crack.
The __________ is divided into about 13 major plates.
fissure eruptions
Which types of lava eruptions cover the largest area on Earth's surface?
What is a wave of water caused by an earthquake under the ocean called?
the lava is hotter and more runny, therefore it can flow long distances before cooling
Why do shield volcanoes have flatter slopes than composite volcanoes?
seismic waves
Tectonic plates are moved around by_____.
approximately 12 hours
How many daylight hours do people in different places on Earth experience during an equinox?
primary wave
Which seismic wave moves through Earth at the fastest speed?
earthquake motion on the ocean floor
Tsunamis are caused by ____.
the rotation of Earth on its axis
What causes the change from day to night on Earth?
The Richter scale is based on measurements of the ____ of a seismic wave.
pyroclastic flow
An avalanche of glowing rocks flowing on a cushion of hot gases is called a(n)_____________.
the amount of structural and geological damage done
What factors determine an earthquake's intensity on the modified Mercalli scale?
The place inside Earth where the energy in an earthquake is centered in the _______________.
hot spot
What is the cause of the volcanoes on Hawaii?

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