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Science: rocks


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igneous rock are classified according to -
their origin, texture and mineral composition
the look and feel of a rock's surface
metamorphic rock forms when -
an existing rock is changed by heat, pressure or chemical reaction
particles of minerals or other rocks that give rock its texture
igneous rock: origin
igneous rock forms on or beneath the Earth's surface
3 major groups of rocks
1. igneous / 2. sedimentary / 3. metamorphic
is the most popular and easily found intrusive rock
extrusive rock
igneous rock formed from lava that erupted onto the Earth's surface
texture of a rock is classified based on -
1. grain size / 2. grain shape / 3. grain pattern
intrusive rock
igneous rock that forms when magma hardens beneath the Earth's surface
sedimentary rock forms when -
particles of other rocks or remains of plants and animals are pressed and cemented together
igneous rock forms from -
cooling magma or lava
is the most common extrusive rock, it forms most of the Earth's crust

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