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How can an igneous rock be changed to a sedimentary rock?
as it is broken into fragments by weathering and erosion, those fragments can later become compact and be cemented together
rock cycle
a model created by scientists showing how rocks slowly change through time
What are some rock-forming minerals?
quartz, feldspar, mica, or calcite
How do sedimentary rocks change to metamorphic rocks?
by heat and pressure
a mixture of minerals such as volcanic glass, organic matter, or other natural materials
May any rock change into any of the three major rock types?
yes - they can transform into another rock
What is most rock used for?
building stone
How can a metamorphic rock change to an igneous rock?
by melting and later cooling
What is an example of a rock?
granite because it is a mixture of feldspar, mica, quartz, and other minerals
What can carry away rock particles?
wind, water, or ice
What is the principle of conservation?
though changes take place, matter is never destroyed or created
What are the three types of rocks?
igneous, metamorphis, and sedimentary
What may cause rocks to change into small rocks or mineral grains?

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