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Earth-Space Final 1

Study Guide for Earth-Space first semester final


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any break or rupture in a rock along which no movement has taken place
who proposed the theory of continental drift
disintergration and decompostition of rock at or near earths surface
in what direction do divergent boundaries move?
the careful use fo resources
valley formed by the downward displacement of a fault bounded block
process that collectivly results in the formation of mountians
incorperation and transportation of material by a mobil agent such as water wind or ice
intrusive igneous structure that results from cooling and hardening of magma beneath earths surface
Lines of latitude
distance north or south of equator, measured in degrees, measure the distance North or South of the Equator.
the point inside the the Earth where an earthquake begins
fossil fuels
general term for any hydrocarbon that may be used as a fuel including coal oil and natural gas
Plate Tectonics
theory that proposes that earths outer shell consistes of individual plates that interact in various ways
200 million years ago
when did pangea break up
most common fuel used by nucler power plants
zone of saturation
zone where all open spaces in sediment and rock are compleatly filled with water
what powers the formation of igneous rocks?
intrusive: when mogma hardens beneath earths surface extrusive: lava hardens
quickly moving downhill flow of soil and rock fragments containting a large amount of water
in what direction do convergent boundaries move?
boundary seperating the crust from the mantle discernable by an increase in the velocity os seismic waves
a horizion in soil profiles
large depression typically caused by collapse or ejection of the summit area of a volcano
How do dikes form?
when magme froma large magma chamber invades fractures in the surrounding rocks
moment magnitude scale
a scale that rates earthquakes by estimating the total energy released by an earthquake better than a richter scale
igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic
what are the 3 major types of rocks?
What process forms minerals that form from magma?
fold in sedimentary strata resembling an arch
how does hydroelectric power produce electricity?
the power generated by falling water
study of earth
What topins would physical geology cover?
hot spot
unusually hot region of the mantle which causes rock to melt, rise, and form a volcano
rigid outer layer fo earth located just below the crust
What type of maps show earth in three dimensions?
proportions of different particle sizes
what determines soil texture
the point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus or orgin of an earthquake
helped protect drinking sources
what type of pollution did the clean water act succed in limiting?
karst topography
area that has a land surface or toppography w/ numerous depressions and sinkholes
sun and earths interior
what powers the water cycyle
downward slipping of a mass of rock or unconsolidated moving as a unit toward a curved surface
What is the water sphere of the earth called?
the color of a mineral in powdered form
do all large faults produce destructive earthquakes?
global warming
increase in average temperatures of earth and atmosphere dur in part to increased carbon dioxide levals
what is the largest ice sheet on earth
travertine (a type of limestone)
what type of rock is common in the development of caves
What do contour lines indicate on a topographic map?
Indicates elavetion, every point along countour line has the same elavation

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