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Study for Lit Test on Novels


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Who is the main character in Rules of the Game. What does she want for Christmas, who recieves it instead?

What is the name of the old man? And what does he do?
She wants a chess set
Her brother Bersen gets it.

Lau Po, and he teaches chess moves to her.

Make sure to study Amy Tan.
Who is the Protaganist, Antagonist, Setting, Conflict, and Point of View of The Pedestrian.
-Leonard Mead
-Automotive Police Car
-Mid-21st century, November. Large city by the sea.
-Man vs. society
-Third Person
Who wrote each book?
Ped-Ray Bradbury
Black-Edgar Allan Poe
SC-Sandra Cisneros
LE-Leo Tolstoy
TL-Tobias Wolff
RG-Amy Tan
What was Edgar Allan Poe's life like?
-Married his 13 year old cousin (not actually blood-related because he was adopted)
-Underachiever: Drank and played cards
-Died of tuberculosis
-He wrote Raven and The Bells
What happened that lead the man to murdering his wife in the black cat?
The cat tripped him and scratched him when he stumbled over the cat. This sent the man in a rage and he lifted the axe but struck his wife when she tried to stop him.
What do you need to do to characterize a person?
Tell their physical characteristics and behavior. Because Personality leads to attitude and actions.
Why was Leonard arrested? What is thought to be a regressibe tendency according to his world, and where was he taken after being arrested?
For walking. He had no excuse and no family.
-regressive was not being married and walking for fresh air, which is apparently not a good enough excuse for he police.
-he was taken to Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies
What is the Exposition of the Black Cat (What exposed the plot?)

What was the main character's feelings towards his wife? People and animals in general?
-Exposition: Started having a taste for alcohol, gradually got more aggressive to others.

-At first he liked, maybe even loved his wife. He like and had a kind disposition to both animals and people.
Land Enough-Who was the main character of Land Enough for a Man? What appeared in three guises? What did the main character sell to this being and what did this being ask him to do for neighbors??
How much land did he have in the end?
What kill
The devil.
Pakhom sold his soul for land and then the devil said to give gifts to neighbors.
6 feet....his grave.
Where did the older sister live?
Where did the younger?
In the city in wealth.
In the country as a peasant
What does Tobias Wolff do right now?
What book did he write that turned into a movie?

What is an Anti-Hero?
What is the conflict in the liar?
Wolff teaches creative writing at Syracuse University.
This Boy's Life.

A main character in a dramatic or narrative work who is characterized by a lack of traditional heroic qualities, such as idealism or courage.
Person vs. Person
who is the main character and what problem does he have?
What is the difference between the 1st and last lie. Look this up in the book.

What is significant about James' mother. What does she do to help her son?
James is a pathological liar.

most mothers are maternal but she never sees any grey area. its either black or white for her. Very methodical. She asks Dr. Morris what to do.
How does the allusion to Madame Butterfly apply to Esperanzas mother? How do we solve the illiteracy epidemic?
Read A Smart Cookie.

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