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Geometry vocab

vocab for math on angles
< is the sign for angle [the closest one]
If I missed anything, please tell me!


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staight angle
two collinear or opposite rays
perpendicular lines
meet to form right angles
angle bisector
seperates an angle into two congruent angles
linear pair
pair of angles that are adjacent and form a straight line
consecutive interior angles
interior angles that are on the same sides of the line [supplementary]
adjacent angles
pair of angles that share a vertex and a side
geometric drawings made using only a straight edge and compass
acute angle
less than 90 degrees
sides of an angle
exterior angles
angles outside of the lines
atlernate interior angles
interior angles that are on opposite sides of the line [congruent]
parallel lines
coplanar lines which never intersect
angle addition posulate
if R is the interior of
skew lines
non-coplanar lines which never intersect
complementary angles
pair of angles that equal 90 degrees
when two angles have the same measure
obtuse angle
more than 90 degrees, less than 180 degrees
right angle
exactly 90 degrees
used to measure an angle or make a circle
supplementary angles
pair of angles that equal 180 degrees
a line that interesects 2 or more lines in a plane
Angles are measured in-
formed by two non-collinear rays with a common endpoint
staight angle
straight line measuring 180 degrees
interior angles
angles between the two lines
straight edge
used in constructions to make a straight line
intersecting lines
coplanar lines which meet at exactly 1 point
corresponding angles
angles that are in the same place on each intersection of the transversal [congruent]
vertical angles
pair of angles formed by two intersecting lines
alternate exterior angles
angles on opposite sides of the exterior [congruent]
vertical angles are always-
used to measure angles

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